The Tech Weekly Veil of Secrecy


The top tech stories making the Indian IT headlines on the previous week are more than interesting, not only for activities related to tech, but also involve human elements connected to technology platforms. The IT companies realize without a doubt the profit from the falling of the value of the currency, despite their business relationship with the US. Thus, the IT industry and clients have developed mature spending models, after the continuum falling of the rupee currency as compared to the dollar. In 2018 the rupee has run down ten percent against the dollar, four percent against the pound and one percent versus the euro. The massive depreciation against the dollar compared to other countries is a consequence of the enormous bilateral relationship between India and the United States.

Other News wrapped in the tech departments involved twittering an internet platform. Former tech Mahindra staff Gaurav Pramanik sent a message to the Mahindra executive chairman accusing his former boss of making disparaging remarks against Muslims when Pramanik was working with the company. In reaction to the tweet, the chief executive Anand Mahindra led to the firing or the accused after a week. However, the thought-provoking part of the story is that the sacking and allegations were done on the micro-blogging platform. As such, the scenario brings out the risks involved in the fake news that is blown out through social media and the chance of people expressing their feelings.

Launching of home delivery government services at an insignificant charge of RS 50 was another topic that involved technology. The doorstep delivery by the administration was an idea backed by the global company. The tech has proved valuable as by the third day, 21000 calls already had linked to Delhi government. Besides, the demand demonstrates the necessity of services that create easiness in the life of citizens. Moreover, essential development news included PhonePe’s convincingly maintained blog back up on the Reserve Bank of India obligation to data limits of transactions.

The whopping cost of Rs 99,990 for a nethermost option and Rs 1, 44,900 for the premier apple has left people with wide open mouths. The loyalist of the phones is ambivalent on whether to advance to the new models or stay with their existing ones. Nevertheless, despite the low growth of the Apple phone in India, the trajectory may move to worse due the high costs that have been introduced. Besides the launching, the business sector experienced a vital partnering between tech giants IBM and IIT Bombay. This was aimed at advancing artificial intellect exploration. Such initiative aimed at research will help to bridge the gap between academic and corporate domain.


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