A Meal For Nightmares


Burger King is known for launching a few interesting ideas when it comes to the hamburgers that the restaurant sells. Its latest creation is a “nightmare” burger. Some of the people who have tried the burger have had a few nightmares. The idea came about because of Halloween. The chain wanted to do something out of the way for the holiday, so it created a hamburger with a green bun and that is loaded with several different ingredients.

The burger is called the “Nightmare King.” The beef is grilled and is topped with bacon, cheese, chicken, and mayonnaise. After introducing the hamburger to customers, the restaurant followed 100 people over 10 nights to determine if it would actually give people nightmares. When the study was over, Burger King learned that there was an increase in the number of nightmares that people had by about three percent.

Dr. Jose Medina has offered input as to why people might have more nightmares after eating the meal. The higher amounts of protein that are in the burger from the beef and the chicken as well as the cheese combine together to increase the activity of the brain while you’re sleeping. This means that the dreams you have are often more vivid and can sometimes be a bit more frightening for some people. When you get a Nightmare burger from Burger King, you can expect to pay around $6 depending on the location. The burger is a larger size than some of the other burgers that the restaurant sells. Burger King has experimented with colored buns in the past, introducing a black bun only a few years ago for people to enjoy during the Halloween season as well. Although a green bun can sometimes be a deterrent for some customers, the hamburger is one that many people want to try at least once.


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