Carl’s Death Led Andrew Lincoln to Depart the Walking Dead


At some point, an employee has had enough and quits. The scenario plays out in all industries and professions. The history of hit television shows displays many incidents of top talent leaving over frustrations with the direction of a program. Andrew Lincoln’s name now rests alongside other actors who quit television programs over disillusionment. Lincoln exited the AMC series The Walking Dead due to unhappiness over Carl’s death and the departure of actor Chandler Riggs.

Lincoln’s character of Rick Grimes suffers immensely with the loss of his on-screen son Carl. Carl and Rick were intrinsically linked together for eight seasons. Without Carl, Rick loses his purpose for being. Actor Andrew Lincoln finds himself in an awkward position. Where can he take the character? What purpose does the role have from season nine and onwards? Lincoln pondered such questions and didn’t see a positive conclusion. So, he chose to leave the series.

The creative decisionmakers at AMC and The Walking Dead currently reap the unwanted results of their plot twists. The Walking Dead suffered a dramatic decline in the ratings. The violent death of Glenn chased away viewers who were turned off. A decision was made to present a shocking twist. Killing Carl in the aftermath of the demise of Glenn proved to be a bad decision. The show has now lost its lead star. The program requires a complete reset to promote secondary characters such as Norman Reedus’ Darryl to the top echelon. AMC is asking a lot of its faithful remaining audience members. A large percentage of viewers will stick with the show, but many may depart.

AMC still intends to keep The Walking Dead on the air for several more seasons. Reportedly, Lincoln’s character won’t be dying. The door remains open for his return in the future. Down the road, The Walking Dead might need Lincoln to come back.


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