College Students Have a Hard Time Eating Healthy


It is challenging for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. However, college students have an even harder time eating healthy and exercising. The constant availability of free food makes it a challenge to eat healthy. The rising price of groceries and late-night eating also make it hard for people to eat healthy.

Eating healthy and exercising are essential for people’s health and stability. A healthy lifestyle can also have a positive impact on a person’s performance in the classroom. Many students are told that their health make take a turn for the worse in college. The freshman 15 and sophomore slump are common problems that people have.

Emily Edwards is a sophomore at Auburn University. She stated that she was scared to start college because she was worried that she would not be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, she was determined to not let college stop her from living healthy.

Emily decided to join a group fitness class. She loves it because the people there hold her accountable. She also stated that Auburn University gives people plenty of options for eating healthy.

Many people believe that college students have more free time than any other group. However, studies have shown that this is not necessarily true. College students have work, school and social outings. These things can cause a person’s schedule to fill up quickly.

Carolina Dean is a sophomore at Auburn University. She stated that finding the time to exercise has been more challenging than it was in high school. She also stated that a lack of time makes it hard to eat healthy. Meal prepping and grocery shopping can take a lot of time.

Furthermore, conflicting research is making it difficult for students to eat healthy. New information about living healthy is coming out every day, and it often conflicts with previous research.


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