French Gangster Faid Finally Caught


If you live in France, near the European superpower of a country, or like to keep yourself occupied with international crime stories, you’re certainly familiar with Redoine Faid, a French native that is known for escaping from prison not just once, but twice!

Earlier this year, Mr. Faid was able to command cohorts of his to command a helicopter to the outdoor recreation yard of where he was imprisoned and escaped. That’s right – with a freakin’ helicopter.

He was on the run for a total of three-plus months before finally being apprehended in Oise, a region of France just north of Paris, the capital of France.

Redoine Faid solicited the help of two henchmen on July 1, 2018, to break out of the high-security prison he was staying at. They used smoke bombs to take attention away from them and effectively make apprehending them impossible during the acts they were committing, the most substantial of which included using angle grinders to cut through bars and steel doors in order to free the executive-level, lifelong gangster.

The prison he was stationed at was in the city of Reau, which is located roughly 45 kilometers southeast of the capital of France.

The henchmen actually stole the helicopter they were piloting

The two aforementioned henchmen – you know, the ones who smoke bombed and angle ground their boss’ way to temporary freedom – had signed up for helicopter piloting lessons. Even though neither of them did not know how to pilot helicopters, they commanded the flight instructor – all with two guns pointed at his body and head – to fly to the prison where their higher-up gangster boss was stationed at.

Why did Faid want to break out of prison if he knew he’d eventually be found?

This isn’t clear. It’s not known if he thought that he could get away forever, or if Faid simply wanted to spend a few weeks in the free world, or if he just wanted to do it for the thrill.

Redoine Faid was scheduled to spend a whopping 25 years in the slammer for his deep involvement in a bank heist which ultimately resulted in the death of a bank taller back in 2010.

Prior to escaping earlier this year, Faid escaped for roughly 45 days five years ago.


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