What the Future Holds for Baseball Superstar Josh Donaldson


Baseball is what many call America’s Favorite Passtime. While this is true, the sport is going through some changes that have affected the way players manage their careers. With more managers and coaches being younger than ever, baseball is turning into a younger game. Players now must be very careful about the contracts that they sign. When you are in your 30s, this is not the time to become a free agent. This is the issue that Josh Donaldson is now facing. This franchise player was very hot only a few short years ago. However, there are certain issues that have affected his game which ultimately led him to be traded off of the Blue Jays.

While other superstars like Harper are looking to fetch around $400 million as free agents, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Donaldson. This is mostly due to his age. At 32, Donaldson is just not as wise of an investment as Harper would be. At only 25, a seven-year contract is something that any team would be willing to invest in even at the larger numbers.

Sports analysts are guessing that Donaldson will only pick up about $100 million as a free agent. This is most likely due to his age and the possibility that his calf injury could be an issue in the future. For many teams, they may look at this as a great bargain. Donaldson is a player with unique talents. He has the ability to get on base and get runners in even with the issues in his swing. His success in Toronto could be a great indicator to future teams about how things will unfold.

While Donaldson is no longer the superstar he once was, he is still a force to be reckoned with. Being able to buy this player as a free agent for four times less than superstars like Harper will be very enticing for most teams. Even though he is battling with a swing that isn’t what it once was, a troubling calf injury, and older age, there are most likely some pretty amazing years ahead for Donaldson. If a team is willing to make this gamble, it could turn out very well. Who knows, the Indians may choose to renew their contract with him in order to once again turn him into the franchise player he was in Toronto. Only time will tell what the future holds for this amazing baseball player.


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