NBC And Megyn Kelly May Be Ready To Rumble Over Her Exit Payout


Andy Lack, NBC News Boss, thought he was bringing the next Barbara Walters to NBC when he sweet-talked Megyn Kelly away from Fox. Kelly was a Fox superstar. She had her own afternoon show on Fox in 2010, and in 2013 she hit prime time with her show, “The Kelly File.”

Dangling a $69 million four-year contract in front of Kelly was a no-brainer for Andy Lack. Lack is a Megyn Kelly superfan, and he knew she would bring an audience to NBC News that wasn’t there before. Her own morning show hooked to the very-popular “Today Show” had to be a rating success, according to Lack. So Lack put all his celebrity puppy love for Kelly in a $69 million contract.

Kelly has a reputation for excellent news reporting. She even got into a verbal altercation with Donald Trump when he was on the campaign trail. Kelly wasn’t afraid to question the soon-to-be president about some of his comments. And Trump didn’t like the way Kelly poised those questions. He knew she was no match for the Trumpster so he threw her his special blend of shade. Trump shade leaves that Real Housewife shade at the low-class altar and it hits the abusive jackpot.

And when Trump’s loyal supporters saw the hair standing up on the back of Trump’s neck, they knew they had to make life miserable for Megyn Kelly. Kelly finally made peace with Trump. She now has first-hand knowledge of what crossing Donald Trump can do to a peaceful life.

But now that Megyn’s show is hanging on by its Today bootstraps, and now that Kelly has put her foot in her mouth more than once, Lack is breaking off his business engagement with Kelly. Kelly got the boot off the NBC Island for giving “Blackface Halloween costumes the “Thumbs Up” on air. Lack couldn’t afford another Brian Williams or another Matt Lauer, drag your feet moment now that Kelly was in the angry crosshairs of the American public. And Lack knew they were ready to pull the trigger.

Kelly has three years left on her contract, but NBC and Lack told Kelly’s lawyers not to expect a huge exit check. Lack’s puppy love disappeared thanks to Kelly’s performance. His business reputation and his job could be in jeopardy unless he finds another immunity idol with more powers than Megyn Kelly somewhere in the News netherworld.


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