Riverdale Stars Comment on Possibility of Sabrina Crossover


As Chilling Adventures of Sabrina makes its debut on Netflix, the internet is already buzzing about a possible crossover with Riverdale, its sister show airing on The CW. Both shows feature characters from Archie Comics and are produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who is also a well-known comic book writer. Rumors of the shows crossing over reached Riverdale stars K.J. Apa and Lili Reinhart at Dallas Fan Days earlier this week. Apa, who plays Archie Andrews on the show, said that while he would love to do a crossover with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, he doesn’t think it is possible. Apa pointed out that a crossover with the Netflix series wouldn’t work because of Sabrina’s supernatural aspects.

Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper on Riverdale, largely echoed Apa’s assessment of the possibility of a crossover. Although pointing out that magic and witchcraft would be out of place on Riverdale, Reinhart thought that under certain circumstances, the shows could share the screen together. Particularly, Reinhart thinks that a nightmare or dream sequence might allow characters from both shows to interact with one another. Despite Apa and Reinhart’s skepticism, both shows technically exist in the same shared universe, and fans remain hopeful for a crossover. Speaking to ComicBook.com after Riverdale’s first season finale in 2017, Aguirre-Sacasa told reporters that Sabrina was originally set to have a cameo appearance in the show. Aguirre-Sacasa explains that the cameo was scrapped after writers determined that the introduction of Sabrina and the supernatural would have detracted from the conclusion of the first season’s storyline, which centered around the murder of Jason Blossom.

Having been released on October 26, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is already garnering praise from critics and longtime fans of Riverdale alike. Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sabrina in the series, says she feels that Riverdale fans will greatly enjoy Sabrina. In addition to sharing Aguirre-Sacasa as producer, Shipka says that audiences will respond to the similar atmosphere of both Sabrina and Riverdale. Shipka also praised Sabrina’s cinematography and suspense, promising audiences an edge of your seat experience.


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