Ryan Seacrest Joins American Idol and X Factor Judges, Supports Anti-Bullying Campaign and Giuliana Rancic


It’s always interesting with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa! The “Live with Kelly and Ryan” duo surprised their viewers once again when Ripa got a crash course in being a Georgia Bulldogs fan last week. Seacrest, a Dunwoody native, was briefly a Bulldogs student in 1992 and he decided to teach Ripa how to “call the Dawgs.”

A fan in the live studio yelled out “Go Dawgs,” while others applauded. Seacrest then responded with “Go Dawgs, Sic Em woof woof woof woof woof!” Ripa replied in shock: “Wait, what’s happening? What does that even mean?”

Kelly grew up in New Jersey, so she never had to chance to feel close to the heart of Southeastern Conference. Therefore, there’s no surprise that she was completely unfamiliar with the popular chant. For those who don’t know, Georgia fans say it before every kickoff during home games at Sanford Stadium, and it can be heard outside of football settings as well.

Ryan Seacrest left Georgia to pursue a career in Hollywood as a radio broadcaster, even though he received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the university when he returned to serve as the commencement speaker in spring 2016.

“When you take a risk or change your course, there will be naysayers and well-meaning skeptics. Days come and go fast. And the older I get the more I realize that your life will happen whether or not you get up. Make sure you happen to the day instead of it happening to you,” Seacrest said while addressing Georgia graduates in 2016. “Thank them for their advice, but whatever you do, don’t let them silence you or your intuition.”

Besides the lesson about football, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest also had the chance to learn about the human body. Chase Brantley Nobles, an amazing bright 4-year-old boy from Brandon, was a special guest on Live for the show’s “Amazing Kids” series.

One of the first things that everyone noticed was that Chase is natural in front of the camera. He first high-fived the audience before working on a human body like a puzzle. Chase showed Ryan Seacrest and Kelly how he can expertly name body parts and their functions. As he admitted, he’s been at it since he was 3.

“Let’s get this started,” he said to wild applause. Chase then started pulling out body parts. “It’s just foam,” he tried to calm a grossed-out Kelly. He taught his hosts about how the lungs supply oxygen and what the intestines are for. But that wasn’t all; he ended with a joke: “What did the femur say to the patella?I kneed you!”


Ryan Seacrest Surprises Kelly Ripa for her Birthday

Birthday vibes! Ryan Seacrest organized a birthday celebration for his co-host for her 48th birthday on October 2. Despite the early start of the Live show, Ripa was presented with a huge birthday cake which Seacrest and her “Live with Kelly and Ryan” crew declared to be the world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich birthday cake!

The massive cake shaped like a PB&J sandwich was made by Brooklyn based chef Michael Lechowicz from Charlotte Patisserie. This was a pound cake with peanut butter and strawberry jelly in the middle and served with two big glasses of milk!

“I spent the whole year hearing about Kelly having PB&J in her bed,” Ryan Seacrest said of the inspiration behind the sweet treat. “You are a blessing to us and everybody watching,” he gushed. Ripa, dressed in a red Chloe sweater and patterned Sonia Rykiel skirt, didn’t hold back as she cut the cake noting that it wasn’t too sweet, which she liked.

Ripa’s husband Mark, with whom she has three children, Michael, Lola and Joaquin, was also on set with her on Tuesday. Mark shared a sweet birthday message for his wife of 22 years, with a picture of her at the New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala. “Happy Birthday Sexy!! I love you like a kid loves cake!! Love, M,” Consuelos wrote.

Ripa also took it to Instagram to celebrate her big day; she shared a couple of throwback photos and her fans loved it! The first photo shows her as a toddler wearing a white dress, and the second shows her in recent months wearing only her underwear and some festive metallic antlers. “Me in my birthday suits from first to 48th, “Thank you for all the birthday love,” Ripa captioned the images.

Ryan Seacrest also mentioned Ripa on his Instagram page. The “American Idol” host posted the photo of two of them and the birthday cake from that morning and captioned it with lovely words “Oh sweetie… did you think I wasn’t going to do a bday shoutout? Happy bday to my work wife, a true friend, and our fearless leader in the fight against internet trolls, @kellyripa!”


Ryan Seacrest’s American Idol Family Reunion

“American Idol” is back! Auditions for season two on ABC kicked off in late August, and recently, all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie gathered once again in the search for the next singing sensation. They joined forces inside an Air Force hanger in Denver, Colorado.

Of course, the show released a few behind the scenes photos and videos on Instagram. “Season 2 ready for takeoff!” This was one of the captions on a picture showing the judges dressed in flight suits.

Ryan Seacrest was shown on a different photo in which he was greeting Katy, Lionel and Luke in the dressing room before the event started. The photo was captioned with a short, but still, an emotional message ”Family reunion.”

As soon as the stars got out of their flight suits and changed into their personal fashion of choice, it was time to greet the new potential Idol sensations. “American Idol auditions have landed here in Denver, Colorado and our judges are just inside a hanger and they are ready to hear the best voices in America take Flight,” Ryan Seacrest announced to the crowd in an Instagram Story video.

Adding to the drama, another photo of a piano with the headline “Stage is set” was posted on the official Instagram. There was another quick video of the judges getting on the traveling “American Idol” stage for the auditions.

It’s amazing to see that the contestants appear to be just as excited as ever, after 16-season of the hit show, which began in 2002. This was also the year when Ryan Seacrest was offered to host “American Idol.” In fact, Ryan was first offered to be a judge on the show, but he asked to be auditioned for the host, although there was already a host when Seacrest auditioned. “It happened very fast. I remember I auditioned on a Friday and I think I started working on a Saturday. Nothing ever happens as planned,” Seacrest said in an interview.

“American Idol” was based on the British series “Pop Idol,” brought to the US by Simon Cowell. Simon also thought that Seacrest would be better as a host of the show, which only proved that Cowell’s intuition is never wrong. Ryan Seacrest became the only and the most recognizable host of the show. For eight consecutive years, American Idol ranked number one in the US TV ratings. Ryan Seacrest quickly rose to fame as a major TV personality.

The popular show returned in March 2018, but it’s time for the judges to shine too. After Denver, the trio panel heads to Idaho for the next stop of the judge auditions, which is also the home state of last season’s winner Maddie Poppe.

American Idol Judges and Ryan Seacrest
American Idol Judges and Ryan Seacrest

CMA Awards and American Idol Join Forces

The search for the next big superstar is a complex quest, so “American Idol” teamed up with the 52nd Annual CMA Awards. “Country Music’s Biggest Night” will give America the chance to vote one lucky singer ahead of the season two premiere.

The “American Idol CMA Contest” will run through Sunday, October 14. Singers from across the country are encouraged to post a video of themselves on Instagram and cover one of the songs using the official hashtag #IdolCMAContest. After the submissions end, three lucky finalists will be selected by “American Idol” executive producers.

The finalists will fly to Nashville in November, where they will record a country cover. Their performance will be shown during the broadcast of the 52nd Annual CMA Awards, after which viewers will be able to vote their favorite singer. The winner will be announced live on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday, November 16. The contestants must be at least 15 years old and otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for “American Idol.”

“American Idol” is returning to the ABC Network for the second season, and of course, Ryan Seacrest is returning as a host. The famous singing competition recently completed its open call bus tour auditions, visiting 24 cities across the US.


The X Factor Details Confirmed

“American Idol” is not the only singing competition that teams up Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest. In August, we got the first glimpse at Louis Tomlinson and Robbie Williams on the judging panel. The X Factor’s live shows are due to begin on October 20!

There are many changes about the competition this year, starting from the Six Chair Challenge, due to the introduction of the “Golden X,” which gives judges the chance to lock one hopeful contestant into a chair, so they can’t be switched out.

“This year each of our judges has one Guaranteed Safe Seat to give away in this round. If the judge likes an act enough and they definitely want to see them at judges houses they’ll press this golden X and give that act a Safe Seat. This means the act cannot be swapped out of their chair and they’ll go straight through to judges houses,” the source explained.

This year, Simon has been joined by Robbie Williams, Ayda Field and Louis Tomlinson. After the last weekend and the brutal Six Chair Challenge, Simon Cowell reduced his six girls to just four in Malibu with a little help from his guest judges, Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Diane Warren.

Robbie Williams will be taking the Groups to Beverly Hills this year with guest judge David Walliams. Louis Tomlinson will take the Boys category to Ibiza with fellow One Direction star Liam Payne and Nile Rodgers. Ayda Williams will be in LA with the Overs, joined by guests Leona Lewis and Adam Lambert!

In case anyone forgot, Rak-Su were the last year’s winners. From the moment they first auditioned, Rak-Su J, Ashley, Pharoahcious and Myles were the clear favorites. The boys are currently working on their debut album, with a little help from the amazing Wyclef Jean.


Ryan Seacrest Ambassador for #ChooseKindness Campaign

October is the month when stars across Disney and ABC Television are rallying behind National Bullying Prevention Month. The stars are encouraging viewers to #ChooseKindness through personal testimonials and videos. The goal of the campaign is to reinforce the importance of being kind.

Now in its sixth year, the initiative focuses on inspiring kids and families to put an end to bullying in their communities and online. All month long, ABC, FreeForm and Disney Channel will roll out a series of customized public service announcements with fan favorite stars that call on audiences to celebrate their differences, support love and choose kindness over negativity.

Ryan Seacrest and Carrie Underwood are the primary ambassadors for the campaign. Everyone knows Ryan as the iconic “American Idol” host and the co-host of the top-rated, nationally syndicated “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” and ABC’s annual live show “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.” Ryan also hosts “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” his No.1 nationally syndicated LA morning drive-time show for iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KISS-FM.

Underwood lent an anthem of solidarity for the campaign called “Love Wins,” off of her latest album “Cry Pretty.” The album, which Underwood co-produced, debuted at the first place on the Billboard 200 and Top Country Album Charts.

“We are extremely proud to once again partner with Disney/ABC Television on this year’s #ChooseKindness campaign for National Bullying Prevention Month,” said Eliza Byard, GLSEN executive director and added, “their invaluable dedication to this cause within its programming, through its talent and more continues to be an inspiring example for young viewers everywhere. As a national education organization working to create safe and inclusive K-12 schools for LGBTQ youth, GLSEN has seen firsthand what happens when students stand up against bullying- as happened just last week in thousands of schools nationwide during GLSEN’s Ally Week. When young people are encouraged to choose kindness, respect and taught how to be allies for one another, school becomes a safer and more welcoming environment in which all students can fully reach their academic potential.”

Several stars offer honest testimonials of their personal experiences with bullying in addition to the public announcements. These videos offer people an insight into a problem that no one is immune to, including their favorite stars. From being called names to being teased about their weight, these messages are meant to be an inspiration for everyone to take a stand for those who are being bullied.

This is not the only charity Ryan Seacrest is involved in this year. The founder of “The Ryan Seacrest Foundation” will join his former E! News colleague Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill at their annual Pink Agenda gala on Thursday at Tribeca Rooftop.

The nonprofit organization is committed to breast cancer research. During the gala, DJ D-Nice will serve as musical entertainment. For those who don’t know, Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and had a double mastectomy. Ever since, she has been cancer-free and she actively supports women who are going through the same issues.


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