The SEC Hits Elon Musk with a $20 Million Fine


South African-born Elon Musk is not your run-of-the-mill corporate CEO. And he’s not a typical investor who waits until other investors find a money-producing gem before he invests. Musk is a game-changer. He’s a brilliant maverick who likes to push the boundaries, so those boundaries become new opportunities. The people who know Musk knows he’s a hard-working genius is hard to follow because he is frequently frustrating The Elon Musk who breaks from the status quo and dares to be great despite challenges is a master of his own creativity.

Musk’s creativity can be hard to swallow for Tesla investors that put their money and their faith in Musk. His recent tweet about taking Tesla private earned him a place on the SEC’s bad boy list. And he has to pay $20 million to get off of that government list. According to Musk, his tweet wasn’t a trick. He said his Middle Eastern financing fell through, and he got caught in the turbulence of that fall. That happens in the investment business. But some Tesla shareholders didn’t think Musk was telling the truth, so the SEC put Musk on notice. But a $20 million fine is like a speeding ticket to Musk whose net worth could be in the $20 billion range.

According to a New York Time article, Musk and Tesla are the force behind the global automotive industry. The big automakers in the United States, Japan, Korea, and Germany try to duplicate Tesla’s battery-operated vehicles but they can’t. Musk created a new car company in an age where starting a new automobile manufacturing company is investment suicide.

The people who own and drive a Tesla love Elon Musk. They love his ability to show the world there are no limits if you focus on breaking through the sameness. Musk breaks through the sameness and he comes out the other end on top. Musk a Silicon Valley guru with Space X dreams and Hyperloop energy. The SEC had to slap Elon on the wrist, but the government needs Elon Musk. They need his freestyle and his radical but successful ideas.

Elon Musk is a business maverick. His vision and his ambition to go one step beyond established thinking will earn him a spot in the history books because Tesla, Space X, and Hyperloop One are incredible achievements, according to the New York Times.


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