‘Star Wars’ Candles Pay Tribute to Classic Movie Characters & Scenes


The classic “Star Wars” movies have plenty of pop culture greatness which has spawned numerous collectibles over the years. That includes everything from action figures, lunch boxes, talking dolls, costumes, and life-size statues. Now, fans of the famous films can capture the essence of their favorite characters and seasons via a collection of scented candles.

The Fantha Tracks website reported on Friday that the new “Star Wars” candles present a number of interesting scents. The lineup of candles includes classics like “Bantha Milk,” “Sarlacc Pit,” “Yoda’s Cooking Pot,” “Han Solo Carbonite,” and “Trash Compactor.” There’s even the “Inside of a Tauntaun” or “X-Wing Cockpit” available for those interested in the associated scents.

The candles each represent popular scenes, vehicles, creatures, or concepts from the original trilogy of movies. That means “Star Wars IV: A New Hope,” “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back,” and “Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi” are all represented. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for scents representing “The Last Jedi,” although some may have already come up with their own ideas.

Many fans still consider the original trilogy of films to be sci-fi classics, with the newer trilogy of movies receiving backlash after two films. However, they have continued to succeed at the box office. The newest trilogy will finish up in 2019 with JJ Abrams back at the helm for the untitled “Star Wars Episode IX” film.

The candles are available for pre-order at various websites. At Merchoid, the entire set of 15 candles goes for $127 with free shipping. The individual sets for each movie go for $36.99 each, with “Limited Edition sets” available for $52.99 each. All of the items are listed as pre-orders on the website. As of this report, a set of “The Empires Strike Back” candles was considered the most popular of the week at the seller’s website.


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