What’s Doe Deere Been Up To? Meet Poppy Angeloff!


If Lime Crime is the only thing you think of when you hear the name Doe Deere, you’re stuck in 2017. Deere is a woman in perpetual motion and 2018 is a year of big things for the cosmetics connoisseur and self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen.

The energy of growth, new beginnings and creation is swirling around Deere, evidenced by two important new additions. On September 21, 2018 Deere’s daughter, Lorelei Elita arrived and less than a month after that Deere officially launched her new brand, Poppy Angeloff. She’s happily bouncing babies of one sort or another on both knees right now.

After stepping away from some of the responsibility she held with Lime Crime, Deere’s going back to her roots in fashion. Her jewelry boutique Poppy Angeloff offers truly unique creations for Victorian girls living in a modern world.

A Closer Look at Poppy Angeloff Creations

A Closer Look at Poppy Angeloff Creations by Doe Deere

The first thing that greets intrepid, fashion-forward shoppers at Poppy Angeloff is the pansy logo. It dominates the page and stands as a symbol for Deere’s inspiration for the brand.

Pansy flower as an expression of love goes back to the Victorian times. A gift of pansy meant ‘think of me, remember me.’ Today, pansy means unforgettable — after all, who could ever forget a girl with a pansy on her finger??

Each pansy ring is meticulously hand-crafted out of solid gold & hand-painted by an enamel artist, making every one as unique as in nature. Delicate rope band wraps around the finger to support the flower head. Droplet of white sapphire adds sparkle and crowns the pansy. Darling, you are indeed… unforgettable! – Poppy Angeloff Website

Deere expanded further about the Poppy Angeloff pansy on her Instagram, saying:

Pansy: the ever-blooming symbol of Poppy Angeloff. You’ll see it adorning our packaging, website and even incorporated into the designs. Did you know that back in Victorian times, pansies meant ‘I love you’ or, rather, ‘I think of you’? Because when drooping, a wild pansy’s flower resembles the downcast head of a person absorbed in thought. – Doe Deere

Once you begin browsing the designs you’ll see a variety of choices within a Victorian theme. Some are ornate while others are understated. Each is unique, easy to wear, and created with thoughtful touches such as how the gemstones will glow and shine.

From the very start, it’s easy to see Deere’s focus with this business. Her branding is on point and expresses her inspiration. Even the brand’s packaging, which Deere charmingly calls ‘jewel boxes,’ shows insight and attention to detail. She recently unveiled a sneak peek at the boxes on the Poppy Angeloff Instagram account.


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Old Soul, New Touch

Doe Deere is striving to create “heirloom quality jewelry at affordable prices that you will want to keep, wear, and maybe even pass on to your daughters one day.”

Not only is Doe Deere taking us back to her roots in fashion, she dials back the clock by drawing on Victorian influences and classic antique design in each Poppy Angeloff creation. The pieces are small but mighty, making a statement while keeping a demure profile.

One of the most popular prototypes from the Poppy Angeloff Instagram page is the signature pansy ring. It is so delicate and realistic it’s breathtaking. The design features enamel and a brilliant white sapphire that together embody Deere’s love of saturated hues and the magic of gemstones.


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Not surprisingly, the internet was shook. The Poppy Angeloff signature design could soon be the signature ring for old souls everywhere.

While not every ring from Poppy Angeloff is a flower, they’re all inspired by nature. In another example from Instagram, Deere shows of a less obvious tie between her precious trinkets and the natural world around us.

So much of my inspiration comes from nature, specifically, gardens! 🌿🌸🦎 I’m an avid gardener and today I met this beautiful #prayingmantis sitting on a blooming lantana shrub, basking in the sun. I’ve always wanted to hold a mantis and today, my dream came true! I named her Goldie, for the golden color of her wings.

I just happened to be wearing a prototype of a ring I’m working on – green chalcedony with pink sapphires set in 10k gold. I think Goldie steals the show though, what do you guys think? – Doe Deere, Poppy Angeloff Instagram


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By the way, that one is named “Victoria” on the Poppy Angeloff website. It’s the epitome of a classic Victorian gemstone ring with a surprising stone choice.

Happy shopping.

For Fans of Lime Crime?

While many tried and true Lime Crime Cosmetics fans are sure to love these pieces, Deere is really branching out with Poppy Angeloff. She is yet again poised to leverage the perfect overlap of designs that inspire cult-like fervor with something that appeals to so many.

You won’t see pieces like this in just any shop. The themes are timeless enough to be keepsakes for years if not generations. So don’t discount Poppy Angeloff out of hand if you aren’t a Lime Crime fan. The rings Deere is offering can be additions to any wardrobe.

If you need some shopping inspiration, Poppy Angeloff has you covered there as well. The site is peppered with helpful tips and the symbolism behind each creation. For instance, the Single Heart ring can send a message.

The item description counsels, “Wear this ring with the pointed end towards your heart to attract love; pointed end away from your heart if your heart is complete.”

These little details really make the difference and provide a luxurious and personal touch to the sometimes cold act of online shopping.

Here for the Evolution?

The takeaway is that Poppy Angeloff is a brand that blends old and new, prizes the power of color and appeals to people from many demographics. Even if you’ve never heard of Doe Deere before, you’re probably going to like these designs.

Her work speaks for itself in a timeless way that grows from but transcends her past. That’s the kind of message many of us can get behind.

If you’d like to own a piece of Poppy Angeloff, visit the website to shop the online boutique.


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