Accidents Lead To Bus Safety Concerns


It seems like there have been bus accidents across the country every time the news comes on television. That could be because there have been five children who have been killed over the course of three days while getting on or off of a school bus. Aside from the five children who have been killed, there have been another seven who have been injured. These accidents have taken place in states across the country, bringing attention to the rules and regulations that have been established for drivers who are behind school buses or who meet school buses on the road.

A young girl and her twin brothers were killed in Indiana when a driver hit them as they crossed the road to get on the bus. The driver was arrested soon after the incident, claiming that she didn’t realize that the flashing lights were on a bus. The little girl held onto her brothers and tried to protect them from the bus, but it was of no use as all three of the children died at the scene. A young boy was killed when he was getting on his bus only a day later. Later that day, a kindergartner was injured in Florida. These accidents have one thing in common. The drivers didn’t pay attention to the bus and didn’t realize that there was a school bus stopped on the road to pick up children.

On Thursday, a young boy was hit by a vehicle and left on the side of the road to die. A bus driver discovered the boy’s body and made a report to police. There have been adults hit and injured while walking their children to board buses. These incidents have brought attention to more safety features that can be added to buses to make them easier to see and some of the changes that can be made while buses are stopped on roads to keep cars from passing them.


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