Arizona Democrats Have Reasons to Be Optimistic


Arizona Democrats have reasons to feel optimistic as it appears that their candidate has widened her lead over her opponent in the latest vote count. The state was hotly-contested in terms of the Senate race that was held their. The votes are still being counted and tabulated and there’s not an official final vote count at this point. However, Democrat Krysten Sienma was traveling at the end of the count on Election night itself. That is no longer the case according to CNN. Sienma has pulled ahead in the latest counts and seems to be widening her lead over her Republican opponent as most of the remaining vote left to be counted appears to be Democratic leaning.

The President has made certain claims that there have been improper counting procedures taking place in the state. He has made this claim without evidence to back up what he’s been saying. Numerous members of his own party are now backing away from the President’s words as they attempt to distance themselves from any kind of dispute they do not believe is accurate. Arizona officials have been very clear that they are counting these ballots in a proper and lawful manner. Everyone who is involved with the recount wants to find the correct result. This is about making sure that the will of the people has been accurately represented and that democracy itself remains stable and accountable.

There has been some division among the Republicans as to how to handle the circumstances that they have come across in this state. The President has called for a new election to be held between the two candidates as he claims that various factors have led to an inaccurate count in this race. The campaign of the Republican candidate herself has stated that every vote needs to be counted. They are not looking for the same kind of fight that the President appears to be spoiling for. It is a matter of both sides believing that they are correct in this matter.

In the event that the Democratic candidate is able to hold on an win this seat in Arizona it will be a flip from the GOP to Democrats. This is the seat that had been held by Republican and Trump critic Jeff Flake. He decided to retire rather than face a primary challenger that he feared he would lose to. It now appears possible that his seat may belong to a Democrat. It is an interesting development in an already interesting election.


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