The Feds Raid Trump’s Former Chicago Tax Attorney’s Office


Donald Trump will go down in history as the smartest businessman in history, according to Trump loyalists. The Trumpians are right about Trump being smart. He’s got 40 percent of the American population thinking Robert Mueller is the guy breaking the law. Trump convinces people that his version of the truth is the real version of the truth. And you have to be cagey smart to do that.

It takes a lot of smarts for Trump to keep his tax records private. He knows if those records leak into the mainstream press his Twitter thumbs will have to work overtime. But that’s what smart business people do, according to the people who don’t like to pay taxes. Trump used the tax system and a couple of knowledgeable lawyers to make sure he avoided giving the government too much. That’s what smart business people do, right?

But according to an article in The Hill, Trump’s former Chicago tax lawyer just got raided by the FBI. The Feds asked everyone to leave Ed Burke’s office. Burke is the chairman of the Chicago Finance Committee. The Feds even put brown paper on all the office windows. That sounds like a serious made-for-TV-movie type raid. The Sun-Times tried to get Burke to talk about his 12-year working relationship with Trump. Burke cut ties with the president last summer due to irreconcilable differences. Burke’s office had no comment when The Hill asked for one. And the U.S. District Attorney’s office didn’t comment either.

The Sun-Times did a little research and discovered Burke reduced Trump’s tax bill on his Chicago Trump Tower building by $14 million. Mr. Burke also helped Trump reduce his tax bill on other properties he owned in Chicago.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s other former lawyer just pleaded guilty to lying to Congress. Cohen is one of six Trump campaign officials who gave Mueller enough information to put the pieces of the Russian-Trump campaign connection together. Cohen is Mueller’s latest catch in the Russian election interference investigation. But Mueller has bigger political fish to fry. And one of those political fish could be the catch of the century.

Mr. Trump still denies he had any interactions with the Russians during his campaign. But Mr. Cohen told Robert Mueller he met with Trump three times during the campaign to make a deal to build a Trump property in Russia. But the deal never happened.


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