Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To A Mueller Charge And Trump’s Thumbs Go On The Warpath


Michael Cohen will wear an orange jumpsuit soon. Trump’s former legal muscle man got caught in the Mueller trap when he lied to Congress about trying to shake a Trump Tower deal out of Russia during the 2016 campaign. Cohen pleaded guilty to making false statements. He hopes he’ll get a reduced sentence for his cooperation.

Then without warning, Paul Manafort pulls out of a plea deal with the special counsel. Then, the Washington Post reports Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lead attorney, gets a call from Manafort’s attorney. Manafort’s attorney brings Giuliani up to date on Mueller’s investigation.

Once Giuliani finds out that Mueller put the Russian collusion puzzle together, except for the Manafort piece, he knew the phone call was about a deal. There is some speculation that Manafort’s lawyer told Giuliani that Paul would take the Mueller’s legal ass-kicking for lying if Trump pardons him. And here’s where the story seems to come together for some news reporters.

Giuliani filled Trump in on the Manafort phone call. He tells Trump that Paul wants a pardon for keeping quiet. Giuliani tells Trump to wait on that until they see what Mueller’s next move is. But in true Trump fashion, the president walks back on his previous Manafort pardon statements. Trump told the Washington Post a Manafort pardon may not be off the table.

There’s a high stake political chess match in play, and Mueller may have Trump in a checkmate situation. If Trump pardons Manafort for his silence, the Democrats may say Trump is an absolute Monarch who steps on Democracy every chance he gets. Democrats like Adam Schiff, a former California prosecutor, has both Congressional barrels loaded. He’s waiting till the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve before he starts firing questions at the Trump family.

No one can prove Paul Manafort’s lawyer asked Trump for a pardon deal. That would be a no-no move in the legal business. But Trump seems to be laying the groundwork to defend some heavy-duty insinuations about his role in the Russian election interference debacle.

Some Washington insiders and many news reporters say when Trump makes threats, he’s in full political attack mode. They say when he thinks he’s caught; he tries to turn the table and make it about the Democrats. His recent tweet that he might reveal damaging classified information about the Democrats seems to confirm that allegation. Plus, another Trump tweet talks about Mueller’s witch hunt ruining lives and being sponsored by the Democrats. That tweet could be one of the many subtle mind-bending tactics the president uses on his voter base, according to his political opponents.


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