Supernatural Prepares for Landmark 300th Episode


Supernatural has stood the test of time. The longest running series on The CW at 14 seasons with no signs of slowing down, the show will celebrate its landmark 300th episode early next year. As fans gear up for the special, the stars of the show and the people who produce it have begun teasing what to expect from the episode. Speaking with entertainment news site TVLine, actor Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel in the series, said fans can expect for episode 300 to feature a plot involving time travel. Time travel has been a focus of many episodes of the series, with Sam, Dean, and Castiel visiting distinct time periods ranging from the 70s to the Old West. Collins further added that the episode will see a different version of his character.

Brad Buckner, one of the show’s producers, also gave a few hints about what fans should expect from the episode. Buckner teased that fans could expect a few former cast members to show up in the milestone episode. Supernatural is no stranger to killing-off some of its most well-liked characters. One of them is John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s distant father who died in the show’s second season. Speaking with fans on Twitter, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who portrayed John and is now famous for his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, said that he would be glad to return to Supernatural so long as it was for an interesting story.

Series stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have their own ideas about which character they’d like to see return to the series. Speaking with, Ackles, who plays Dean, said that his number one pick is Adam Milligan, who is played by actor Jake Abel. Adam is the half-brother of Sam and Dean and was killed in season five when Sam, Dean, and Castiel trapped him in hell to stop the archangels Michael and Lucifer from destroying the world. Ackles joked that he’d like to find out how Adam fared in the underworld. Padalecki, who plays Sam, agreed with Ackles, saying that Abel is a good friend and an amazing actor. Since his death, Adam has amassed a huge following on the internet, with fans clamoring for his return to the series.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.


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