Britain Lets Julian Assange Leave Ecuador’s Embassy and He Won’t Be Extradited


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange didn’t like living in the Equator’s Embassy for the past six years. But people in Sweden wanted to put him behind bars, so he had to find someone who would protect him. The United States wants to get their hands on Assange too, but Ecuador came to the rescue. Ecuador said it was time for Assange to go when Sweden drop the charges against him. and Britain’s happy to see him go. They promised he won’t have to go to any country that wants to prosecute him.

Even since Michael Flynn got a pat on the back and leniency from Bob Mueller, and Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi surfaced as a possible connection with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, the spotlight came back on Julian. Some news reports say it’s strange for Britain to the let Assange leave the embassy now. Sweden dropped the charges against him months ago. But Britain works in strange ways these days. Theresa May knows that’s true.

Julian Assange is the Australian activist who released tons of classified documents to the public. Americans and the world finally got to see what the back door of the American government looks like, according to Assange. The political game played by American politician will go down in history as the game that drove the world apart while promising to bring it together, according to the WikiLeaks founder. But some historians say political systems and politicians self-destruct in time. People like Assange and Trump are here to make sure that happens.

But according to Barry Pollack, one of Assange’s lawyers, U.S. prosecutors have a sealed indictment against Mr. Assange. No one knew about an indictment. It surfaced last month. Some early news reports say Mueller may know something about that indictment. It fits the timeline. Mueller and Roger Stone, Trump’s GOP gunslinger, got into a titan clash during that time. That clash turned into a plead The Fifth stand. Stone won’t answer Congress or Mueller if the questions are about Trump.

The plot thickens as Assange gets his “get out of embassy free card.” Mueller may be lurking somewhere in the legal bushes. Trump knows that’s true. But Assange has a no-tell track record. He relies on his sources and they rely on him. Mueller may get to ask Assange questions but he can plead The Fifth too.


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