Employees Receive Sweet Surprise Before Christmas


In keeping with the Christmas spirit, many businesses are giving their employees substantial bonuses as a way to show their appreciation for all of the hard work that they do during the year. FloraCraft is just one of those businesses that recently handed out over $4 million in bonuses. The business is one that’s family-owned and located in Michigan. Even though it’s not as large as some of the car dealerships in the state, the company knows that without its employees, it wouldn’t be where it is today.

The company hasn’t had to lay off anyone since it started in 1946. Lee Schoenherr is the owner of the business and called all of his employees together so that he could deliver some news. Some of the employees thought that it would be bad, but they were surprised when they saw something different in the envelopes that they received. Lee informed the employees that they would each be getting a portion of $4 million as a way to show that he appreciated them. Each employee received a different amount depending on how long they have been working for the company. Most employees took home about $20,000 as a bonus for the holiday season. For these employees who work hard all year, it was an appreciated gift that will make a difference in the lives of many.

Employees can expect to receive the first part of the bonus before the end of next year with the rest following soon after. When the employees heard what the owner was doing, they cheered for his efforts in trying to make the company one that is enjoyable to work for and one where the owners truly care. The company makes items that are sold to craft stores across the country, such as Hobby Lobby and Walmart.


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