Steve Hutensky Set to Produce New Dramas Starring Eric Bana


A few new television and film dramas are in the works with a powerhouse team of producers behind them all. Steve Hutensky, alongside wife Bruna Papandrea, is one of the commonalities throughout these new properties, which will all be produced through the Made Up Stories production company. Given the high quality of previous shows and films to come from the two Hollywood veterans, we thought we’d take some time to give a closer look to the new projects they have underway. Read on for a preview of what’s to come from their efforts and a bit more about the team behind the dramas.


The Dry

The first drama we’ll touch upon is the recently announced Australian police drama “The Dry.” This property, set to star Eric Bana, will be a feature film based off the bestselling novel by Jane Harper. The novel, which won the Ned Kelly Award for best first crime fiction in 2017 has been a hotly anticipated property in the film world, with many in the industry showing interest in adapting it for the big screen. The story follows the tale of a policeman who investigates a murder-suicide by returning to the country in which he grew up.

In addition to Bana as the lead, the film will feature Robert Connolly as director and also as a co-writer alongside Harry Cripps. Made Up Stories’ Papandrea and Steve Hutensky will be joined by producer Jodi Matterson. Executive producers will include Bana and Connolly as well as Andrew Myer and Ricci Swart.


Television projects

In addition to the recently announced film project, Steve Hutensky has been busily ushering a number of television projects into development as well. One such project that has made waves is a coming adaptation of the Cecilia Ahern novel, Roar. Again producing alongside Papandrea for Made Up Stories, this project will also include a notable member of another popular show from the production company, Nicole Kidman from “Big Little Lies.” The project also features a number of producers alongside the above-mentioned team, such as Ahern herself through her Greenlight Go Productions and Per Saari’s Blossom Films.

The novel upon which the project is based has been recently released in the UK with an upcoming release in the US soon to follow. The volume is a collection of thirty stories that each feature women in different absurd or contradicting moments in life. The stories delve into the absurd, the profound, the emotionally striking, and more as they seek to place the reader in the mindset of the women whose lives are explored. The novel strives to bring light to the internal and external condition of the modern woman and also touch upon the situations and moments that provoke a need for her to roar.


Creative team and success

Ahern has already found success through previous adaptations of her novels, “P.S. I Love You” and “Where Rainbows End.” The critical acclaim received by those projects will be complemented by the growing track record of success that Kidman brings from past film and TV projects of her own. Kidman and Papandrea’s acclaimed series “Big Little Lies” was recently recognized with a number of Emmy wins at the award show ceremonies, adding fuel to the already growing desire for more episodes of the show and more projects from the team behind it (Zamm).

In addition to the above creative influences, this new television project will feature the creators of the popular and acclaimed series “GLOW,” Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, as showrunners. The twosome has shown an admirable knack for writing and entertainment through their work on “GLOW” which has also been recognized with numerous Emmy wins. In their roles as the showrunners for the new project from Hutensky, Papandrea, and Kidman, they will bring a honed sensibility for creating a narrative that highlights the strengths of women struggling with a range of issues in everyday life. Ahern herself expressed delight at the production and creative team members that are helping to usher in the new project, recently saying she was “Incredibly honored to be working with this phenomenal team in bringing ‘Roar’ from the page to the screen.”


Past work from producers

Through Made Up Stories and in conjunction with other companies, the above team of producers has had a string of success throughout recent memory. Bruna Papandrea has been a driving force behind many of the most beloved feature-length dramas to entertain audiences while also telling a gripping and emotionally engaging story. Some of these works include “Milk,” “Wild,” and “Gone Girl.” She has been recognized for a number of awards throughout her lengthy career and has partnered with a number of well-known names across the industry during that time.

Steve Hutensky brings a long history of work producing films from both a creative and business standpoint. As the former senior executive vice president and head of business affairs for Relativity Media, he spent an extending amount of time helping to bring some of the top projects in recent film history to fruition. During that time he not only oversaw all aspects of Relativity’s business and legal operations, he also was involved with a number of other aspects of production, including distribution, development, acquisitions, and financing. Beyond his time at Relativity, he also founded and still runs the production company Walk The Walk Entertainment. Through that production company he has produced a number of high-profile films and projects that have spanned genres such as romance, thriller, sci-fi, and documentary.

When a team of seasoned producers gets together to produce a large-scale project, the development process inevitably becomes a topic of much conversation. As anticipation for these types of projects mounts, any look that can be had into the shape of their content can be a welcome preview for audiences across the globe. Such is the case when producers like Steve Hutenksy and Bruna Papandrea announce a new film or television series. By providing you with the most up to date details on projects such as these, we hope to keep you abreast of some of the most exciting properties set to come out of the entertainment industry in the near future.


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