The Stock Market and Robert Mueller Take Another Bite out of Trump’s Wide Backside


Ever since Michael Cohen did the gangster hop and told Mueller what was really going on, Trump hasn’t been very nice. Mr. Trump’s besties, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are in Mueller’s crosshairs, and Trump knows Mueller doesn’t play around when witnesses start a fight with him. Corsi’s lawyers sent Mueller a formal complaint, and Roger Stone claimed he would never squeal on his pal, Trump.

Trump got another blow to his racist agenda when a California court told him he can’t keep green-card holding enlistees in a holding cell. The military needs them to make their enlistment quotas; the Army missed its quotas last year because a Trump order put green-card holders in a government paper-mess nightmare. The judge told the Trump Administration to let those enlistees start boot camp. The green-card holders who want to serve the country in the military know what’s really going on. Trump’s trying to slip one of his racist maneuvers past the people. Some enlistees say Trump believes in White Supremacy.

There’s a sudden influx of young Trumps coming to their father’s rescue. Eric blasted Kelly Ann Conway’s husband for accusing his dad of witness tampering when Trump tweeted about Roger Stone. Adam Schiff, a lawmaker from California has some questions for the young Donald Trump. The Cohen guilty plea details could be enough to start investigating him. He had a lot of contact with Russians during the campaign, according to several news sources. Ivanka is another Congress target when the new Congress meets in January. Ivanka should get ready for a tough meeting about using her personal email for government business.

According to legal analysts, Mr. Mueller will show the world how he took down the Teflon Don of New York City. Mueller taught the mob a lesson when he put John Gotti behind bars. Trump knows he’s in for the same Mueller intensity. Mueller’s unstoppable quest to get all the facts, big or small, pulled the plug on Gotti’s criminal activities.

But Mr. Trump faces another challenge and he can’t blame it on the Democrats. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped another 799 points. That blows Trump’s attempt to keep investors happy by saying he got American auto tariff concessions from China’s President Xi. But Trump and his senior aides say that might not happen. Even the Chinese press made no mention of an auto tariff agreement.


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