Tony Todd Talks New Candyman Film


Actor Tony Todd recently spoke to SyFy Wire about his feelings on the upcoming Candyman reboot. The original film was released in 1992 and launched Todd to fame. Set in Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing developments, Candyman saw Todd portray the ghost of a slave trying to return to the love of his life. After his performance, Todd became associated with the horror genre, starring in two additional Candyman films as well as guest stints on shows such as The X Files and The Flash. The actor even won the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s New York City Horror Film Festival.

Speaking with Todd after he received his award, SyFy Wire asked what the iconic actor thought of the upcoming reboot. Todd confessed that he has mixed feelings on the reboot, saying that another film in the franchise was originally intended to be produced 15 years ago. Nevertheless, Todd feels that a reboot will have a positive impact on the series as it will draw greater attention to the 1992 original. Additionally, Todd believes that the Candyman series is incredibly relevant today, joking that some neighborhoods in the country “could use some Candyman justice.” It is unclear if Todd will have any part of the new film, although the actor did say that he expects that the studio will ask him if he wants a role in the movie.

Set for release on June 12, 2020, the Candyman reboot is being directed by Nia DaCosta, an up and coming filmmaker best known for the indie drama Little Woods. The film is being produced and co-written by Jordan Peele. Peele is also no stranger to the horror genre, having written and directed last year’s universally acclaimed Get Out. Get Out snagged four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director. Peele describes the upcoming Candyman reboot as a spiritual sequel to the original. Like the 1992 film, Peele’s film will also be sent in the Cabrini-Green housing development, an area that has undergone intense gentrification in recent years. Peele says that he feels honored to be producing the film, telling reporters that the original Candyman was an inspiration for him as a filmmaker and a milestone for black representation in horror films.


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