Two Ohio Residents Planning Acts of Domestic Terrorism Arrested by FBI


Acts of domestic terrorism committed by individuals and groups considered to be “violent extremists” throughout the United States have risen significantly in the past few years, jumping up from a total of 12 deaths in 2014 to upwards of 40 in each of the years 2015 and 2016, according to PolitiFact.

We don’t need to look at any statistics to take notice of the number of mass shootings in recent years that have been carried out in the United States. However, statistics indicate that the frequency of mass shootings – not the number of deaths, but the number of mass shootings, defined herein by incidents in which three or more people are shot – in the United States rose from a relative low of two to 43 in mid-2015.

With so many acts of domestic terrorism being committed lately, US alphabet soup has exhausted significant resources in its efforts to prevent domestic terrorism.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FBI, made headlines yesterday after putting out a press release that it had arrested two individuals based near Toledo, Ohio, who were planning on committing acts of domestic terrorism. The two northern Ohio residents are in their early 20s.

Although the names of the two individuals are listed across the World Wide Web at this point, evidence indicates that identifying people who commit mass shootings and other acts of domestic terrorism, as well as people who haven’t yet carried out planned attacks but are likely to do so in the future, increases the incentive for executing such attacks on the innocent public.

As such, the names of the two Ohio residents will not be released in this publication. Pictures of the two troubled individuals will not be shared herein either due to the same reasoning. It is, in fact, safe to refer to the young male and female as John Doe and Jane Doe, however, for the sake of explaining what they did.

Jane Doe had written to the convicted mass murderer and self-proclaimed white supremacist Dylann Roof. She also operated a Tumblr account filled with pro-terrorism content.

John Doe is alleged to have been converted into following the beliefs of ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the world’s most feared global terrorist organization. FBI investigators indicate that John had planned on violently targeting two Jewish synagogues. He’s quoted as saying “the Jews are evil and they [sic] what’s coming to them.”


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