Warwick Davis Talks About His Exit from the Leprechaun Films


Warwick Davis was to the Leprechaun franchise as Robert Englund was to The Nightmare on Elm Street series. Warwick Davis was the series. The actor made the title role of the wisecracking evil Leprechaun his own. And like Robert Englund, a new actor took on the character in a reboot. Will Davis follow Robert Englund and return to the role in some way in the future. Davis recently stated he wishes to return to the horror genre. Perhaps he will play the evil creature in the future once again.

Leprechaun first saw a reboot in 2014 with Leprechaun: Origins. The forgotten misfire was the first film to cast a different actor in Davis’ role. With 2018’s Leprechaun Returns, another new actor filled Davis’ shoes. The new entry follows the same path as Halloween 2018. Leprechaun Returns wipes out the existence of all previous sequels. The feature only acknowledges the first film’s event. Fans do wonder why a retconned version of Leprechaun didn’t cast Davis. After all, actor Mark Holton returned in his role from the original film.

Warwick Davis recently went on the record about why he left the Leprechaun franchise years ago. Davis wished to move away from the horror genre over concerns for his family. Very young children can’t always separate fantasy from reality. Due to his son’s young and impressionable age, Davis opted out of the horror genre. Davis wants to wait quite a while before returning to horror. The actor suggested he probably won’t take on a horror role until his son turns 18.

“Never say never” remains an oft-repeated phrase in the entertainment industry. The right offer could change Warwick Davis’ mind. Horror is hot once again. Legendary actors with name value and a fan following frequently receive offers to appear in films, television shows, and convention events. Davis might not be out of the spotlight for long.


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