4th Star Trek Movie Will Be Put on Hold Indefinitely


One of the most popular franchises in the world of entertainment is “Star Trek.” The film franchise was rebooted in 2009 by writer and director JJ Abrams. The film was a huge success. However, the two sequels made less money and were not as well received by fans and critics alike. There have been many rumors about a 4th movie to the franchise. However, much of the steam went out of those rumors when it was revealed last year that Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth were not able to agree to contracts to appear in the new film. There has also not been a director hired to helm the film.

Now there is word from Paramount that the 4th movie will not be made any time soon. Perhaps the studio could see the writing on the wall. The poor performance of the two most recent films and the failure to get Chris Pine under contract made the prospect of making a 4th film rather bleak. The “Star Trek” franchise is still producing new content. There is a show called “Star Trek Discovery” that will be beginning a second season later in January on the CBS All Access streaming service. However, it would appear that the movie franchise will need yet another reboot if the fans are going to reconnect with it again. It remains to be seen if that will happen.

Paramount has refused to comment publicly on the reports of the 4th movie not happening. They are usually very tight-lipped about any projects. Therefore, their silence is hardly a surprise. Other members of the cast of the previous three movies have publicly expressed a desire to come back and do one final movie that the fans will love. However, without Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk at the helm of the USS Enterprise, that seems very unlikely.

This is nothing that “Star Trek” has not gone through before. For example, the franchise hit a rut when “Star Trek Nemesis” came out in 2002 to dismal reviews and a very disappointing box office performance. Then the series “Star Trek Enterprise” was cancelled after only four seasons. The previous three series of the franchise had all lasted seven seasons. It seems that the franchise just needs to be rebooted every now and then just to make it more interesting for younger audiences. It appears that it time for another reboot to continue the movie franchise.


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