The Importance Of Conducting Private Equity Due Diligence Before Making an Investment

In the investment community, legal and financial due diligence are a norm. Despite this, some investors still overlook the importance of running proper background checks on the fund manager, management team and even business partner. The abilities of the people mentioned earlier significantly influences the success of your investment. Although it may not be among the balance sheet items, the management team of the management team is always the most important asset to a company. It is for this reason that you should consider conducting due diligence on the private equity company that you plan to plan to invest in and its management.

Online private equity due diligence research

The easiest way to conduct basic due diligence on any private equity firm and its management is by doing online research. Today, the internet is full of legit review sites that have quite credible information about any business. In your online research be very careful about what sites you visit as some businesses with a bad reputation are known to manipulate their reviews on not so reliable sites. For you to be able to get factual information about a company, it’s essential that you conduct extensive research on it online.

Look out for tremendous discrepancies

They say it’s impossible to make everyone happy and this is very true. Despite this, as you do your research online, you should be on the lookout for discrepancies on the information you find on a private equity firm you are looking to invest in. It’s evident that no matter how good a company is there are going to be a few bad reviews. If you find out that there is a wide gap between the bad reviews and the good reviews your get keener. If you suspect that the discrepancies are alarming, then they are better being concern. Additionally, also a firm with only positive reviews with no hint of a complaint is very suspicious. Probably, the squeaky-clean reviews are cooked.

How the company handles the complaints

Clients with complaints usually give a bad review to a company. A good company takes some time to address the complaints and try to offer a solution to the problem. On the other hand, you should be very wary of a private equity firm that seems to ignore its customers’ complaints. The truth is, you might easily find yourself with a complaint and ignored just like the customer you see there.

Seek help from reputable business investigative agencies

Your investment could mean as everything to you as your entire life’s work. It is for this reason that if you are looking to make a huge investment to a private, you should consider hiring a reputable business investigative agency. A company like Corporate resolution have been in this sector helping investors make safe investments for years. Their experience in investigating private equity funds can be the difference between you making a safe investment and you losing it all. It may seem like an overkill idea to hire an investigator to look into the history of an investment firm, but it really works wonders. Here’s why you should do it.

To find out information hidden away from the public domain

Today, bad businesses can easily dissolve, rebrand and come back again as good as new. In just the same way, lousy business executives can pay public image agencies to get rid of the bad publicity they had from their previous scandals and come back squeaky clean. In an ordinary online search, it can be quite hard for you to find such information. An experienced private investigator like Corporate Resolutions has its ways of finding hidden information that will help you make up your mind on where to invest. You might be surprised to find out that the business executive of the company you thought was right for your investment has numerous court cases and even criminal charges you never found online.


When it comes to choosing the right private equity firm to invest in and conducting due diligence on it, you are likely to be biased to some extent. This bias can be influenced by a particular firm having a more exciting offer that suits your more than the other one. You can easily find that in your online due diligence process you favor and even turn a blind eye to the red flags on the firm you fancy. This may lead to lack of objectivity which can cause a blunder. You can hire a reputable business investigative agency like Corporate Resolutions to do the investigations for you if you are looking to avoid blunders and make a safe investment.

Corporate Resolutions has a good reputation and has conducted investigations all over the world. They have a team of international specialists on excavating hidden public records that may be holding the vital truth you need. Do not take chances with your investment.


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