Men in Black: International Changes Mythology of Franchise


New information on the upcoming Men in Black sequel, Men in Black: International, has been revealed in a cover story from Entertainment Weekly. Speaking with the entertainment news magazine, production designer Charles Wood says that the new film retcons the origins of the Men in Black Agency, which was established in the 1997 original. In the original film, Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K was shown to be part of the founding of Men in Black, which took place in the 1960s. As Wood explains, Men in Black: International will show that Men in Black has been operating for far longer than originally revealed and may have even been around for over a hundred years.

Star Chris Hemsworth echoes Wood’s assessment of the film as offering a different take on the Men in Black mythology. Hemsworth, who plays Agent H in the film, says he looks on Men in Black: International as more of a reinvention of the series than a true sequel. Elaborating, Hemsworth explains that while the original three films were mostly confined to New York, the upcoming film will explore different regions around the globe, including London, Istanbul, and Italy. Despite a new story and new take on the franchise’s mythology, Men in Black: International will not abandon everything from the original trilogy entirely. Actress Emma Thompson will reprise her role of Agent O from 2012’s Men in Black 3 in the new film.

Men in Black: International will also feature a similar tone to the original films. Producer Walter F. Parkes says the originally trilogy was so successful because it played off of the chemistry between stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The dynamic between Jones and Smith’s characters has led the original Men in Black to be celebrated as one of the best buddy cop films. Parkes says that Men in Black: International will have a similar feel, this time in the partnership between Hemsworth’s Agent H and actress Tessa Thompson’s Agent M. Parkes feels that the production team saw the roots of the chemistry between the two performers when they starred together in the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok, saying the two of them have an instant rapport.

Men in Black: International premieres on June 14, 2019.


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