Mitch McConnell Is MIA In The Government Shutdown Debacle


Senate Majority Speaker Mitch McConnell never turns down a chance to stab the Democrats with his vintage growl that’s sharper than a Jim Bowie knife. McConnell was all over the news when Brett Kavanagh had to explain all the drinking and caring on he did when he was in high school. McConnell’s tongue slashed the Democrats, and it was one for the record books.

McConnell made sure the Republicans acted like the Lemmings they turned into when Trump took over. But Mitch isn’t whipping out that mighty Kentucky tongue during the government shutdown. He told the White House to negotiate with the Democrats over this insane Trump request. He’s up for reelection, and he doesn’t want Trump’s dirty political laundry to stink up his bid to keep the Senate in the dark ages.

Senator McConnell may be a country bumpkin, but he’s also a shrewd politician. Mitch sees what’s coming. He knows Trump got his oversized pants in a wad. Trump might have to forget about his quest to add more gold stars to his voter base album of successes.

Mr. McConnell knows the public will get restless when the food stamps dry up. And he knows the people who travel will start pressing political buttons to get the air traffic controllers and the TSA agents back to work.

There’s no doubt. Senator McConnell knows the park closures are just the tip of the Democratic sword that’s on its way to Trump’s political head. So Mitch wants to sit this one out. Like a hardcore “Survivor” player, he wants no political blood on his hands.

But Trump ventures where no sane politician ventured before. Trump knows he has lots of those fabricated fables in his tweeting thumbs. He’s already played the “State of Emergency” fable, but that’s not going to work, according to several constitutional experts. A group of unarmed, hungry, tired, and homeless immigrants don’t fit the description of people who have the ability to create a national emergency. Mr. Trump also played the “it doesn’t have to be a concrete wall” fable. Just like one of those remodeling experts on HGTV, Trump designed a new steel fence-like structure that gets him off the concrete wall cliff.

Recent polls say Trump needs to move on from the wall. The Democrats want border protection too, but they want to do it the right way. Right in political talk means their way. President wants a win, and in his reality, he’ll get one even if it’s a loss.


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