New ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Is Groundbreaking


Netflix has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of entertainment. They have done it again with the release of the latest episode of the science fiction anthology series “Black Mirror.” The show originally started in England where three seasons were produced. Netflix then picked up the series and has produced a pair of seasons so far. On Christmas Day, a single episode of the series was released. It is titled “Bandersnatch.” However, it is not like any episode of “Black Mirror” that has come before it. This is a fully interactive episode where the viewer will determine what happens.

Before the start of the episode, the viewer is told that this is a fully interactive episode. Therefore, the viewer needs to have the remote control in his or her hand at all times when they are watching the episode. This is necessary because the viewer is confronted with numerous choices that he or she must make in order to propel the narrative forward. For example, you must decide what type of cereal a character will eat at the beginning of the episode. Each choice that the viewer makes will have a ripple effect on the eventual outcome of the episode. This has caused viewers to spend endless amounts of time trying all of the different combinations of choices to see the various outcomes of the story.

The episode took a very long time to produce. It is not hard to understand why. There were numerous scenes that needed to be shot for each outcome depending on the choices made by the viewer. In fact, production of the next season of “Black Mirror” was delayed because “Bandersnatch” took such a long time to produce. The episode has become a viral hit. It has received a massive amount of positive feedback on social media. This means there is a very good chance that there will be more interactive episodes released by Netflix in the future.

The concept of making a fully interactive episode of “Black Mirror” had been talked about for quite a while. However, the script took a very long time to write. There were many people who thought the project would be too difficult to produce. However, Netflix had the time, money and resources to pour into the project. The streaming giant believed in the concept and the result is quite remarkable. This could be the beginning of viewers controlling their shows.


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