New Details Revealed on Return of John Winchester to CW Horror Series Supernatural


New details have emerged on the upcoming return of John Winchester to The CW horror series Supernatural. John Winchester was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the first two seasons of Supernatural. The character was the father of series leads Sam and Dean Winchester and was last seen as a spirit helping the two brothers stop the demon Azazel in the second season finale in 2007. Following his time on Supernatural, Morgan became a major actor in Hollywood, best known for his role as the psychotic Negan on the zombie series The Walking Dead. Fans of Supernatural were doubtful that the now big-name star would ever return to the series, but Morgan said repeatedly that he would gladly return to Supernatural if given an appropriate storyline.

Fans were beyond ecstatic to learn that Morgan would be playing John once again and showrunner Andrew Dabb has revealed how the elder Winchester returns to the series. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Dabb says that John returns to the series after Sam and Dean are given the option of making a wish. The need to see John again is especially strong for Dean, with Dabb saying that the character needs to see his father to get closure. The actor who portrays Dean in the series, Jensen Ackles, also tells Entertainment Weekly that John’s return is almost like a dream come true for his character. Ackles elaborates that Dean nevertheless knows that it is a dream that he will eventually have to wakeup from. Morgan adds that John’s return will also enable him to reconcile with Sam, Jared Padalecki’s character. As fans of the show know, Sam and John had a highly contentious relationship during the show’s first season. Promotional photos additionally show John reuniting with his wife Mary Winchester, who is played by actress Samantha Smith.

In true Supernatural fashion, John’s return doesn’t go completely as planned for the family. Dabb says that as a consequence of John’s return, a new reality is created in the series. Part of that new reality involves the resurrection of a major adversary of Sam and Dean, the angel Zachariah, played by actor Kurt Fuller. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will return to Supernatural on February 7, 2019. The episode, entitled “Lebanon,” will also be the show’s 300th episode.


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