Senator Lindsey Graham Feels the Shutdown Heat. He Wants Trump to Reopen the Government.


South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is one of Trump’s favorite henchmen. Lindsey made a difference when he gave a bloodshot-eyed speech during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. When the Democrats attack the president, Graham is there to defend Trump’s inability to run the government like a well-oiled machine. Mr. Graham is a loyal mouthpiece for Mr. Trump. But the government shutdown seems to be changing Graham’s tune. According to a recent Washington Post survey, Americans blame Trump and the Republicans for the longest government shutdown in history.

The shutdown’s impact isn’t just a minor inconvenience for the 800,000 government workers who don’t know when they’ll get another paycheck. Most government workers live paycheck to paycheck so working without pay or sitting home without pay, changes the way they live. The fear of not making mortgage payments, and not putting food on the table forced hundreds of these workers to openly protest the shutdown.

Now that the shutdown is four weeks old, air traffic controllers and TSA agents are making life miserable for millions of Americans. The shutdown has an impact on all Americans, and Lindsey Graham knows that’s not going to help him win another election.

Plus, the shutdown costs the government more than $1 billion a day, and that means the national debt continues to climb at an unprecedented rate. That kind of publicity is not the kind of publicity politicians crave. So Lindsey Graham wants to be the first Republican senator to appeal to Trump’s realistic side. Mr. Graham wants Trump to reopen the government before he gets his $5.6 billion for a border wall.

Graham told reporters Trump should reopen the government, and then negotiate with the Democrats. If the Republicans can’t find a solution within three weeks, Graham thinks Trump should use the “state of emergency” card.

According to a new Washington Post report, it will take more than two years to build Trump’ wall. If Trump declares a state of emergency, the Democrats will fight it in court. That means wall construction wouldn’t start until the court battle ends. If Trump loses that court battle, he can kiss his wall goodbye. That’s one reason Trump hasn’t declared an emergency yet, according to several news reports.

Lindsey Graham knows Trump put himself and his party in a political corner. The only way the Republicans can come out of that corner, according to some Republicans, is to vote with the Democrats. But political analysts say that will never happen.


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