Syfy Orders Child’s Play Television Series


Fans of the horror genre can look forward to a television show based on the Child’s Play film series to premiere on Syfy in the near future. The Child’s Play series follows serial killer Charles Lee Ray as he has his soul transported into a doll named Chucky. The most recent entry in the seven-film series was 2017’s Cult of Chucky, and the new series is set to follow the central storyline from the films. The news was first reported by the entertainment news magazine Deadline Hollywood. Deadline reports that in addition to following the storyline set by the movies, the TV series will be distributed by Universal Studios and helmed by Chucky creator Dan Mancini. David Kirschner, who produced several of the Child’s Play movies, will also serve as a producer with Channel Zero creator Nick Antocsa.

Speaking with Deadline, Mancini said that a television series will allow Chucky’s personality to be explored in ways that are impossible for feature films. While Mancini promises a fresh take on the character, he also says that the show will stay true to the original format that has captivated audiences for the past three decades. Addressing fan concerns that Chucky won’t be able to use his colorful vocabulary on television, Antocsa says that the network will allow the killer doll to swear and use curse words. In explaining the network policy, Antocsa says that Syfy allows the use of strong language so long as it is deemed necessary to the tone of the program. Because of Chucky’s propensity for cursing, the new series will be rated TV-MA.

News of development on the Child’s Play television series comes as MGM is set to release a reboot of the original 1988 film later this year. The film will star Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza as a young mother who unknowingly gives her son a possessed doll for his birthday. The reboot is being produced without the involvement of Mancini or anyone else who worked on the original series. The film will premiere on June 21, 2019.


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