Trump Offers No Amnesty for Dreamers as Part of Proposal to End Shutdown


A plan announced by United States President Donald Trump on Sunday will not include amnesty for millions of ‘Dreamers’ in the United States. The deal proposed by the president is an effort to end the 31-day government shutdown. The president did hint, however, that an amnesty agreement might be part of a broader deal at a later date.

President Trump communicated his thoughts through Twitter and said he would not seek the removal of ‘Dreamers’ from the country. The president also used his Twitter account to criticize Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House, and her colleagues for refusing a deal he proposed a day earlier.

Dreamers are immigrants who now live in the country after being transported to America illegally as children. The president is proposing a three-year extension to the DACA plan that allows Dreamers to legally live and work in the country.

The DACA program began under former President Barack Obama. President Trump informed Americans in late 2017 that he planned to eliminate the program. The program is now still active due to a court order.

The Department of Homeland Security says 12 million immigrants are currently in the country illegally.

Mitch McConnel is the Senate Majority Leader for the Republicans. Senator McConnell hailed the plan as a ‘bold solution.’ A spokesman for the Senate leader said he would attempt to pass the proposal through the Senate this week.

The plan by the president will include funding for agencies that have been inactive since the government shutdown began. The plan also includes nearly $13 billion in disaster aid as well as the president’s immigration proposal.

The government shutdown began on December 22 when the president demanded nearly $6 billion to build a wall along the border the country shares with Mexico. The Democrats have been adamant in their refusals. The shutdown has caused 800,000 government workers to either stay home from work or perform their job duties without pay.

The promise to build a wall along the border was a central theme to the candidacy of President Trump. On the campaign trail, Trump boldly declared Mexico would provide the money for the wall.

The Transportation Security Administration is an agency that has been particularly affected by the shutdown as more than 50,000 workers for the agencies have performed their job without pay since the shutdown began.

Many government officials see positive signs in the weekend activity of the president. However, Democrats insist the government should be reopened with or without an immigration agreement.


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