Americans Want to Read Mueller’s Final Report but That Might Not Happen


Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of super-sleuths have two-years of Trump dirt digging under their belts. The Mueller investigation isn’t over. Mueller isn’t finished connecting the dots that could prove Mr. Trump was willing to lift sanctions against Russia if he won the election.

Investigators know members of the Trump Organization contacted Russian officials on numerous occasions. Some of those meetings were business meetings, but other meetings don’t fit that description, according to several news articles.

Mr. Trump wanted to build the largest building in Europe. Trump picked Moscow because of his long-standing financial dealings with Russian oligarchs. When Trump needed money to bail him out of his New Jersey casino mess, the Russians came to his financial rescue.

The Mueller team knows Trump and his band of campaign misfits crossed the line during the campaign, but there’s not enough proof to pin a collusion charge on Trump’s backside. But even though collusion may not come out of Mueller’s investigation, other serious issues continue to float to the surface. The scope and the intensity of Russian interference in the election, and Russia’s attempt to compromise the government of the United States reared their ugly heads while Mueller indicted more than 30 people who had ties to the Trump organizations. Six of those people were part of Trump’s inner circle.

William Barr, Trump’s new attorney general, told a Senate committee he may not reveal all the facts Mueller discovered during his investigation. Some information will remain classified. According to the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump’s involvement with Russia is just the tip of the Russian-interference.

Eighty-one percent of Americans want to know what’s in Mueller’s final report. Seventy-nine percent of Republicans want to know. Sixty-one percent of Americans favor impeaching Trump if Mueller’s report shows Trump and his campaign had some kind of deal with Russia during the campaign.

If new Attorney General Bill Barr doesn’t release the report without a lot of those black redacted lines running through it, Congress and the executive branch could start another epic swampy-type thrown down. If Barr doesn’t release the report, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will challenge that decision, according to the Washington Post. But the Democrats need proof that Mr. Trump made deals with the Russians while he campaigned to be president. Most of the country thinks he did, but they need Mueller to confirm his dastardly campaign deeds.


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