The Democrats Try to Mend Fences in Munich While Pence Flexes His Trumpian Muscles


President Trump didn’t want to go to the Munich Security Conference. He knew he burned a lot of bridges in Europe. So instead of trying to rebuild those bridges, Trump decided to create a state of emergency that isn’t an unforeseen set of circumstances or something that needs immediate action. Mr. Trump rung the emergency bell on the Southern border countless times, but according to the mayors of border wall cities, there is no emergency.

Europe knows Trump made decisions that will impact their security for years. Members of the conference think Mr. Trump dump the pieces of a 70-year-old alliance on the world’s floor, and he doesn’t give a damn who picks them up. The Russian threat is real. Trump set that in motion when he bailed out of the Russian missile alliance. And Trump’s secret relationship with Putin makes Europe very nervous.

But the straw that broke Europe’s back was Mike Pence’s attitude and his Trump-like muscle show at the conference. Pence gave Europe Trump’s regards, but Europe didn’t recognize Pence’s greetings with a reaction. But Pence just followed the speech Trump gave him. Pence in his best version of a narrow-minded double-talker told Europe to get their checkbooks out for NATO dues and he kicked the Iran deal to the curb and join “The Trump I Love To Hate Iran Club.”

But Joe Biden tried to calm the audience down. Biden told conference members Trump is the symptom, not the disease. And Biden believes the Democrats will address that symptom and the fast-spreading disease Trump infected Europe with. But even though Biden connected with the audience, they didn’t believe Trumpism won’t go away that easily.

While Trump created his new campaign slogan during his long-winded Rose Garden speech, Don Jr. tore a page out of the Trump-Say-Anything Handbook. Trump will use “Finish the Wall” as his new campaign slogan, according to the Washington Post. He told his voter base he already started building his wall. Those voters knew he had nothing to do with that, but they believed him anyway.

Don Jr., the Trumpster’s protégée, called all teachers losers for spreading socialism when his dad gave him a chance to make a fool of himself in El Paso. Don Jr. must not know his shady form of capitalism promotes socialism. According to the former minister of Austria and Harvard economics professor, Joseph Schumpeter, all types of capitalism eventually leads to different forms of socialism.


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