Mother Makes Difficult Decision About Dying Baby


Krysta Davis is a 23-year-old mother who made a difficult decision about her newborn. She knew that her baby would not survive long after birth but still made the decision to carry her little girl to term so that she could donate her baby’s organs to someone else. Krysta received the devastating information when she was 18 weeks pregnant that her little girl likely wouldn’t live much longer than 30 minutes to an hour after she was born. The mother was now faced with a tough choice. She could go ahead and be induced so that she could deliver her baby or carry her baby until her due date so that she would be fully developed. This would mean that the girl’s organs could be donated.

Krysta’s daughter had anencephaly. The condition results in parts of the brain or the skull missing. While some babies survive for a few days after birth, many pass away within the first few hours. Krysta knew that she wanted other mothers to be able to take their babies home even if she couldn’t. That’s why she wanted to donate Rylei’s organs. The little girl was born on Christmas Eve. She lived longer than the estimated hour that the doctor was giving her. Rylei died on New Year’s Eve in the arms of her mother and father.

Rylei fought so that her parents could have as much time as possible with her. Nurses and doctors were surprised that she did live as long as she did because it wasn’t expected. Rylei’s lungs have been donated for research, and her heart valves have been donated to another baby. The entire journey has been documented in the hopes that other parents will understand what to expect and be able to make the best decisions for their family.


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