Trump Claims Foreign Dignitaries Pay Him Money When They Rent Trump Hotel Rooms


President Trump is not a rule follower. All those rules president have to abide by like releasing their income taxes, putting business interests in a trust, and not actively participating in them, don’t apply to Mr. Trump. Trump His wheeling-dealing with foreign officials make it hard for him not to break rules. Some legal experts say Trump is above the rule of law. He, by his own omission, is a disruptive nationalist who wants to pick what Americans look like and where they come from. If that sounds like 1940’s Germany rolled up in capitalistic dominance, then it’s clear what needs to happen in 2020. According to Oprah Winfrey, Trump has to go.

Oprah’s not running for president in 2020. But her spiritual advisor, Marianne Williamson, threw her spiritual name in the ring of Democrats who want to permanently send Trump back to New York. The Democrats have a lot of work to do to bring Trump down. He might do that for them if Mueller can connect all the Russian dots before the 2020 election. Plus, Trump’s voter base wants that wall, and if he doesn’t get that done, he’s a one-termer in 2020, according to political analysts.

Mr. Trump’s not afraid of chaos. He shines in it. Chaos is his weapon of choice. A recent Meet the Press interviews showed how chaos drips through his words. During that interview, he deflected the interviewer’s question. He threw all sorts of unsubstantiated facts out there to confuse and to control the conversation. And that kind of behavior is one reason Oprah, and millions of other Democrats may vote for Marianne Williamson.

Williamson political platform is foreign to many of today’s politicians. Marianne thinks politicians should listen more and talk less. She wants to bring the heart back into politics. According to the chair of the LA County Democratic Party, Marianne has unusual beliefs and a cult following. That Democratic county chairman thinks she’s not a credible candidate. That’s what the Republicans said when Trump stood on the campaign podium. But Trump chaotically sent all 17 0f those Republican opponents running for cover.

According to political analysts, a conservative-leaning Democrat won’t beat Trump in 2020, and a liberal-conservative won’t beat him either. The Democrat who could beat Trump is a candidate that leads with the heart instead of padding his wallet.


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