Actor Esai Morales to Play Deathstroke in Season Two of Titans


A new villain is coming to Titans on DC Universe. In a new report with Deadline Hollywood, it was revealed that actor Esai Morales would be playing the assassin Deathstroke/Slade Wilson on Titans for its second season. Morales is best known for his roles on Chicago P.D. and How to Get Away With Murder. Rumors of Deathstroke’s arrival on Titans have been simmering since October. At New York Comic Con, producer Geoff Johns said that the show would eventually feature the character, but he would be portrayed differently than past incarnations. Morales’ version of the character will be the third iteration of Deathstroke to appear in live action. Previously, Deathstroke appeared as a major character in the first two seasons of Arrow, portrayed by actor Manu Bennett. The character also appeared in a post-credits scene of 2017’s Justice League, this time portrayed by Joe Manganiello.

Rumblings of Deathstroke’s possible appearance on Titans also circulated in January following new casting calls. The show was revealed to be looking for actors to portray Deathstroke’s two children: Rose Wilson/Ravager and Joe Wilson/Jericho. The casting calls for Jericho revealed that the show was looking for deaf actors fluent in American Sign Language. While not much further information was released on the character, he is described as a “misfit” and unable to live up to the expectations of his “domineering, military father.”

Deathstroke has traditionally been the chief adversary of the Teen Titans in the comic books, and the archnemesis of Nightwing/Dick Grayson. First appearing in the second issue of Marv Wolfman’s run on The New Teen Titans in 1980, Deathstroke is regarded as the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe and one of the franchise’s best fighters. While often tangling with Batman, Nightwing’s mentor, the character has recently been portrayed as an antihero. News of the character’s arrival on Titans has led fans to speculate that the show will be adapting “The Judas Contract” storyline for its second season. “The Judas Contract” saw Deathstroke attempt to destroy the Teen Titans from within with the help of Terra, a teenage girl who infiltrates the group.

Season two of Titans is scheduled to premiere later this year.


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