Looks Like North Korea Is Building A Nuclear Site


North Korea, having long been ruled by an authoritarian regime, hasn’t gotten along well with most countries around the planet in the past few decades. Just two years ago, as you probably remember, North Korea, under the direct command of so-called “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un, launched a handful of missiles both within the country’s borders and into the vast Pacific Ocean.

After countless years of treating other world leaders with hostility, Kim Jong Un finally lightened up his attitude roughly a year ago by attending the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongyang, South Korea, which has long been a rival to its northern counterpart.

It was at this time, roughly February 2018, when world leaders and diplomats were able to reach out to Kim Jong Un and persuade him to get rid of his country’s nuclear weapons.

Over the past year, United States President Donald Trump has met with the North Korean leader at least twice to discuss the terms of a potential agreement between the two countries that most likely involved North Korea getting rid of its nuclear capabilities and the United States providing some kind of social support for the country and its people.

Although President Trump and his closest advisors have expressed satisfaction in gaining ground in negotiations with North Korea and Kim Jong Un, it seems as if all of the nation’s efforts to dismantle the nuclear bombing capabilities of North Korea have gone down the proverbial gutter.

According to satellite images of North Korea that were recently snapped, the country is rebuilding part of an existing nuclear facility that is slated to be used exclusively for building and testing missile components intended to fly for objectively long ranges.

While Kim Jong Un and company have not shared anything publicly about North Korea’s relations with the United States since the last time the country’s officials met with President Trump of the United States, many experts are worried about the future of relations between the United States and North Korea, as Trump has expressed concerns that he would only do business with North Korea if the country promised to get rid of its nuclear powers.

According to 38 North and the Center for Strategic Studies’ Beyond Parallel, both of which are nonprofit organizations that have the sole purpose of keeping up with what’s going on in North Korea, the aforementioned nuclear base that was being rebuilt started as early as February 16 and as late as March 2.


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