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Technology has played a significant role in creating new opportunities for various sectors across the globe. One industry that has benefited immensely from technology is the tech industry. One of the ways through which tech companies have benefit from technology is through the creation of computer games. In particular, brain games have been created by such companies as a way of improving human memory and cognitive skills. One company that has gained a worldwide reputation for creating brain games is Lumosity.


The company provides its games on an online platform where interested people can access them. The games offered by the gaming giant play a significant role in improving people’s memory, problem-solving abilities, processing, brain speed, and flexibility.

The company has gained a significant market share since its inception. They have worked to stay ahead of the stiff competition in online games platform since their market entrance in 2007. Lumo labs was founded by David Drescher, Michale Scanlon, and Kunal Sarkar in 2005. However, it was not until 2007 that was launched. Their aggressive marketing has attracted more clients, currently standing at 70 million members.

Games Offered

The company offers diverse games aimed at different people in society. Some of them include Splitting Seeds, Highway Hazards; Memory Serves, Pinball recalls, and many more.

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Financial and Investment Partners

Lomosity has been on the forefront in seeking financial backing from angel investors. Some of the venture capitalist firms that have invested significantly in the company include Norwest Venture Partners, First Mark Capital, and Harrison Metal Capital. The companies have spent a total of $3 million from the three companies in their Serie A round.

Additionally, Lumosity has received final support amounting to $32.5 million in their series C from Menlo Ventures. Lastly, the company’s interest in improving brain function through their brain games also attracted investment from Discovery Communication in their Series D, with an investment of $31.5 million.

Lumosity’s Effect on Cognitive Performance

The firm has managed to impact significantly on users who have used their brain games. The positive impact that their games have brought on users has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. The sets and assessments have been globally acclaimed, with most peer-reviewed journals recommending their games to their subscribers.

Studies and Research Programs

The company has made various attempts to prove to both their current and potential users that, indeed, their life-changing games can improve cognitive behaviors. For instance, the organization carried out a study involving 4,715 people whereby they sought to find out whether the participants’ cognitive performance improved after they had trained using their games.

Results of the Study

The results from the study indicated that the participants who had trained with Lumosity had improved significantly in their cognitive assessment after ten weeks. The study involved two groups; a control group that trained with crossword puzzles and a test group that trained with Lumosity. The two groups trained for a total of 10 weeks, five days weekly for fifteen minutes per day.

The final results were a confirmation that Lumosity’s games still reigned supreme when it came to improving the brain’s processing speed, arithmetic reasoning, and working memory.

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