NewsWatch TV Reviews are Leading the Way in Today’s Marketing Landscape


With a million and one digital, television and print platforms trying to convince you to spend your hard-earned advertising dollars with them, it’s hard to know where to go to get the best bang for your buck.

Should you spend an arm and a leg on network TV promotion or dump it all into Facebook promotions? Should you rent out billboard space or invest totally in Google Ads? In order to get a proper view of the current state of advertising and marketing as well as the avenues available to you, we should look at an example of one company and its successful model.

NewsWatch TV is an award-winning TV show that has paved the way and attained legitimate success in the television and marketing sphere. Created nearly 30 years ago, NewsWatch is a special breed of show that covers reviews of the latest in technical innovations, as well as news on travel, health and entertainment while also conducting celebrity interviews.

The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano with regular reporting by Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. The program is produced by Bridge Communications, LLC, a video production and communications company.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

 The secret, if you will, to NewsWatch’s success is in their vigilant attention to current and future trends. It’s important, especially in the world of tech, to never rest on your laurels and just expect a laid-back approach to the future to get you anywhere. It’s like bobbing peacefully in water that’s throwing up 20-foot waves. You’ll simply get lost in the chaos of it all. NewsWatch has bucked this issue by evolving with the times. 1990, when the show first aired, would be unrecognizable to 2019.

In fact, when they first started, NewsWatch was a monthly program that primarily focused on financial news. By the mid 90s they had pivoted to a more entertainment-oriented show with more wide-reaching appeal. In 2011, they shifted again to focus on tech. The 21st-century is marked by its technical innovations, so this final pivot was a no-brainer. Since this new format was introduced, they have continually pumped out quality review segments on new tech and gadgets.

By 2012, they had introduced their now-acclaimed AppWatch segment, which focuses specifically on promoting and reviewing unique apps found across iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

NewsWatch continues to conduct celebrity interviews, offering a platform for these personalities to promote their new project. This adds another entertainment-fueled segment to the show that increases viewership. The celebrities we’ve seen appear on the show include Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Dwayne Johnson, Woody Harrelson, Chris Pratt and athletes like Joe Montana and Jeff Burton.

The company works with their clients to introduce their brand to the masses. From small companies to Fortune 500, NewsWatch remains an accessible option for anyone looking for widespread promotion. By offering exciting television that turns out high viewer numbers, they’ve created a platform that allows for mass marketing.

Doing Things a Little Differently

NewsWatch TV offers a unique format that is unlike anything else on TV. Companies choose to market their brand through one of these popular review segments only after they’ve passed an editorial approval process. In other words, NewsWatch determines that the brand fits with the theme and message of the show – highlighting innovative brands that viewers would find interesting or helpful. As long as they fit this model, NewsWatch works to create a segment dedicated to their brand.

A typical episode would include any number of the following segments: mobile app reviews, celebrity interviews, consumer news, breaking news, PSAs and of course editorial and advertorial reviews of companies and their products. The show also conducts interviews on-site via satellite media tour (SMT) and features awareness campaigns for national non-profits. Hosts can also be found at major conventions like CES and Mobile World Congress (MWC), reporting on breakthroughs as they’re announced.

The show’s format includes hosts kicking off the show with news stories and reviews of products and services. Each review segment runs about 1-2 minutes with a finite beginning and end, making it a self-contained report. They typically conclude with information on where those products or services can be found. But they typically go a step further once the show airs.

NewsWatch promotes the client’s products through their various social media channels, reaching tens of thousands of online viewers that may not have tuned into the show. This expands the reach significantly. They are further promoted directly on The website includes videos taken directly from the show as well as web-only content. These are a combination of paid and editorial videos. They also include regular articles on breaking tech news and a look at recently launched products.

But when it comes to advertising, how do you know who to trust?

Transparency in Advertising 

Another way NewsWatch differentiates themselves is by adapting a transparent approach to reviews. Typically, shows only contain positive reviews of products because they are being paid to do so. NewsWatch found early on that this immediately violates the trust of viewers. How can they know they are getting an honest look at an app or product if everything receives a glowing review?

Host Andrew Tropeano described their transition in an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, “Over the years I’ve learned that what our audience cares about the most is honesty. If we like something, tell them why we like it. If we hate something, be honest and say it. In the beginning, we felt a responsibility to our audience to only deliver shiny beautiful objects. But over time, we realized that an honest negative opinion is as valuable as an honest positive one.”

The show has been formatted in such a way that there is honest and fair reporting on all the new tech goodies out there. The hosting team is given a real opportunity to express their true feelings about what’s got them excited and what consumers shouldn’t spend their hard-earned money on. This approach has proven popular with audiences, as they know they’re getting the straight skinny on cutting-edge tech.

As mentioned earlier, they also cover entertainment with movie and TV reviews as well as interviews with the world’s top celebrities. This affords them another opportunity to bring audiences what they want. They act as a guide for what’s popping in entertainment and what’s worth checking out.

In the same interview, Andrew speaks on the importance of finding out what the audience want and then doing their damnedest to provide it. And it’s probably this factor alone that has helped shape them into an amalgam of sorts. By listening to their audience, they were able to simply find what works and what people want to see, then create that show. To hell with what others are doing, deliver what viewers want to see.

What Does the Future Hold?

 After several transitions over nearly 30 years, staying ahead of the curve and refusing to go stale, it’s not improbable that NewsWatch would continue to evolve and provide a unique voice in a world where content is the rampant king. If the last few years have proven anything, social media is the kingdom in which content thrives. With NewsWatch’s promise to listen to their audience and give them what they want, social media offers the perfect platform to do just that.

“As someone who saw the rise of Facebook and other social media platforms over the past decade, I know firsthand how important it is that we create a footprint in the online social sphere.” Andrew explains. “And while it’s important to have a presence within the giants of the industry – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. – it’s also critical to realize that there are thousands of other networks we can expand to.”

The team has kept true to these words, establishing a solid footprint across a plethora of social media networks, allowing them to be much more than just a TV show. By offering clients and consumers a place to connect through their social media channels, NewsWatch once again has expanded their offerings. But even social media might take a new form as the future unfolds.

“The phrase, ‘the world is our oyster’ is cliché, but it’s honestly how we view our work. We can head in any direction we please, and we will,” Andrew says of the future. “But we will always be honest to who we are and will continue to provide smart and timely news, reviews, and video to our fans and followers.”

The future is primed to be even more exciting than these past 30 years, what with the ever-changing tech landscape. We have no idea what kind of bombshell innovation might be just around the corner. And with NewsWatch at the forefront of tech adoption and news, it’s safe to say they’ll be one of the first to seize the opportunity.


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