Republicans Want Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff to Step down but He’s Stepping up His Collusion


President Trump knows when to take advantage of a good thing. Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report is a good thing for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump didn’t waste time using it to re-energize his voter base. Attorney General Barr put his own legal spin on the Mueller report. Thanks to that spin, Trump thinks the Mueller report clears him from collusion and obstruction charges.

Mr. Trump needed a win from the Mueller report. He knew the investigation was too close to home, months ago. The court documents that surfaced from the Mueller indictments had collusion written all over them, but Trump danced around those claims. He continued his assault on the Mueller investigation until his lawyer told him he was in the clear days before the Barr went public with his summary. Bill Barr’s decision to make it sound like the Trumpster was as pure as the driven snow shows where Bill Barr’s loyalty is, according to the Washington Post.

Mueller did find sketchy behavior on Trump’s part during the two-year investigation. But Barr didn’t highlight that information in his summary report. Barr decided to give the president a chance to rear his unpresidential head and declare he was the victim of a cruel and unlawful investigation.

Trump is power drunk thanks to his version of victory. He lashed out at the Democrats but praised Mueller for the good job he did finding him innocent. But the Mueller report doesn’t claim Trump is innocent. Mueller’s report shows Trump did work with the Russians, but he didn’t work directly with the Russian government as Barr correctly pointed out in his summary.

The Republications rallied around Mr. Trump. Mitch McConnell blocked a vote to make the entire Mueller report public. Don Jr. didn’t waste time tweeting about the Democrats and how low down and deceitful they are when they make truthful comments about his dad. Don Jr. seems to like the political arena. According to former cabinet member Gary Cohen, Ivanka wants to be president, and it looks like Don Jr. wants to hold a powerful position in the government too.

But the Trump family still has to deal with Congressman Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and the other lawmakers who still believe Trump is guilty of collusion and obstruction. Mr. Schiff told the press he believes Trump may be part of a Russian money laundering scheme through his connection with Deutsche Bank. Schiff said the calls for him to resign by Republican lawmakers proves they know there’s dirt behind Barr’s summary and he won’t stop until that Trump dirt is front and center in the Washington political free-for-all.


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