Season 14 Finale of Supernatural Will See Return of Fan Favorite Character


Supernatural is looking to surprise viewers by bringing back a fan favorite character for its fourteenth season finale. The news was first reported in an interview with executive producer Andrew Dabb for TV Line. Dabb didn’t give any hints as to which character would be returning but said that the character’s role would be “significant” for the episode. Much of this season has seen Sam, Dean, and Castiel trying to stop an evil version of the Archangel Michael from an alternative universe, leading fans to speculate that the character could help the group in their fight against Michael.

Supernatural is no stranger to bringing back characters long thought dead. Last year, the show brought the Archangel Gabriel back after he was supposedly killed by Lucifer in season five. Earlier this season, the show brought back John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father, after he died in the first episode of season two. In an interview with earlier this year, Dabb said that he feels that it is important to balance introducing new characters with acknowledging the show’s remarkable history. Dabb feels that for Supernatural to remain relevant, it needs to introduce new problems and foes for the characters to overcome. Rather than resting on nostalgia or past storylines, Dabb has made it his mission to help the show grow.

Continuing, Dabb notes how Supernatural has repeatedly pushed the envelope in terms of innovative storytelling. The show has done musical episodes and even an animated episode with characters from Scooby Doo. Speaking on the crossover with Scooby Doo, Dabb says that the show’s writers feel that they have to be careful not to alienate viewers by doing something that will make fans love the characters less. As the guardians of Supernatural, Dabb feels that it is the job of the show’s writers to both provide storylines that will be engaging to the audience while also pleasing the show’s hardcore fans.

Supernatural airs Thursdays on The CW. The show’s fourteenth season finale will air on April 25.


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