Volvo Puts A Cap On The Speed Of Its Vehicles


In keeping with its long tradition of being conscious of safety, the automaker Volvo will be putting a cap on the speed of all its vehicles. The initiative is part of Volvo’s ambitious Vision 2020 plan, which makes a goal of having no one inside a Volvo vehicle killed or seriously injured before 2020. The new speed cap will be 112 mph.

Furthermore, the company is looking at implementing geofencing technology that makes it impossible to drive a Volvo at unsafe speeds in the vicinity of schools and hospitals. The company explains that such features can be deactivated if the vehicle is being used for law enforcement, military or other purposes where there is legitimate need. It is not clear whether drivers who like to travel fast will now avoid buying Volvos, but it is unlikely because they probably already prefer other brands.

Other safety features

What is clear is that Volvo’s new speed caps will be popular with safety advocates who mention that many automotive fatalities are a result of simply driving too fast. Interestingly, Volvo says that they also have a plan to make it more difficult to drive while intoxicated or distracted in their vehicles, but they have not revealed it yet. Volvo’s many safety features will also be present on their emerging line of electric vehicles.

Bringing speeds down

European automakers as well as lawmakers are starting to take speed limits, especially on highways, more seriously as social and political pressures mount to minimize damage to the environment. In fact, the German government is considering implementing a speed limit on the country’s autobahns, which are famous for allowing drivers to drive as fast as they can. There has long been an informal agreement among the makers of European luxury cars, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, that maximum speeds on their vehicles are capped at 155 mph.


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