How Amit Kleinberger Became The Biggest Name In Frozen Yogurt


Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt is a unique experience in the industry. You get to serve yourself a bowl of creamy yogurt and top it with almost anything you can think of from sprinkles and chocolates to fruits and nuts. Many different and delicious recipes have been created at Mechie’s and some of the best combinations have customers coming back for more. Their CEO, Amit Kleinberger is dedicated to making sure their customers are happy with their treat and experience at his yogurt shops.

While Amit Kleinberger is rather busy at Menchie’s, he’s also the CEO of another restaurant venture, MidiCi The Neopolitan Pizza Company. He has been recognized in the restaurant industry for his achievements and has even won one of the biggest honors in restaurant publishing. He studies the market along with using his education and experience in business to create the successful business models that his companies use. The commitment that he has put in his businesses has also earned him the distinction of being a top franchise owner.

While Menchie’s may already have an impressive global footprint, Amit Kleinberger has plans to expand it to even more countries. He is working on plans to open new units in India, China, and the Middle East in the near future. Not only are they expanding into new regions, but Menchie’s is also expanding with new products for their customers. In addition to frozen yogurt, Menchie’s has also introduced frozen yogurt cakes that are available for more than just birthdays. People are even ordering them for big events such as weddings. With the ability to put an edible photograph on the yogurt cakes, they’ve become a big hit.

MidiCi is also a new experience when it comes to pizza. Wood ovens can be seen in the middle of the restaurants to guests can watch the process of their pizza being made. Amit Kleinberger ensures that they only use fresh ingredients such as prosciutto, Italian tomatoes, and olive oil for their authentic pizzas. Many of the combinations are quite unusual with menu items such as truffles as well as more traditional toppings available. The pizza chain is located throughout the United States.

Amit Kleinberger is one of the biggest names in frozen yogurt throughout the world as the Chief Executive Officer of Menchie’s. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt has more than 475 stores throughout the world in countries such as the United States, Japan, China, Canada, India, China, and Japan. He is responsible for expanding the store across the world after starting with just one unit. Philanthropical work is also an important part of his life. He frequently donates to causes that are important to him as well as helping with fundraising. Menchie’s has been growing strong for a decade thanks to his leadership of the business.

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