Bernie Ruffled Trump’s Twitter Feathers When He Appeared On Fox News


The news the Mueller report is about to hit Congress with black marks running through it has President Trump’s pants in a wad. He keeps twitting about how corrupt, cruel, and unjust the Democrats are to him as he starts the Trump shuffle right before he hits the campaign trail. He needs something good to crow about at town hall meetings just like Bernie Sanders did at his Fox News Bethlehem, Pa. town hall meeting.

Bernie talked straight talk to Trumpians who believe every word Trump utters. Sanders said Trump’s healthcare bill was a fiasco. His government shutdown still has the stench of an economic downturn coming out of its pores. And the border wall emergency wasn’t really an emergency.

The New York Times said Trump may use pictures of the old border wall near San Diego, and he’ll tell his voters he already started a new wall.

Sanders made Trump mad by appearing on Fox News. Trump let the two Fox News hosts know he didn’t appreciate them being nice to Bernie. Trump worries about Bernie. Bernie is the Democratic Trump. Sanders is not afraid to let the New York City side of him come out in order to get elected in 2020.

Mr. Sanders told Trump voters that the president lies most of the time. But his voters don’t care as long as they think the economy is good and Trump is in the process of draining the swamp and adding more capitalistic creatures to make the new swamp a profit center for Trump.

Bernie has an issue with capitalists. But all capitalism leads to some form of socialism because of its innate creative destructive behavior, according to Harvard Mid-Century Economics Professor Joseph Schumpeter. Bernie wants to be part of the creative destruction that offers government programs that eliminate the capitalists who take advantage of consumers.

Even some Democrats are afraid Bernie could be the person who wins the nomination. The centrists in the Party want to stick to the old way of governing where they make all the decisions before they tell the people.

Bernie’s biggest challenges may be in the Democratic Party. A party that doesn’t understand why he is not a Democrat, and a Party that thinks his ideas are still too radical. The old Democrats think Bernie can’t beat Trump. And that could give Trump the win, according to the New York Times.


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