Campus Apartments: Providing Home


When college students head off to school, they generally leave behind their parents’ home and embark on a new living experience. That means students in need of housing. For more than sixty years, Campus Apartments has been a company that has provided students with a home away from home as they engage in their studies.

Not only has Campus Apartments established itself as a noted name in the industry, it was actually the company that founded the industry. It was the first company to provide student housing. The Philadelphia-based company got its start in 1958 when it was established by Alan Horowitz. Campus Apartments started out on a fairly small scale at that time. Initially, it was created to serve the housing needs of University of Pennsylvania students. Since that fairly modest start six decades ago, the company has expanded its reach to a national scale.

Student housing needs have expanded over the years, and that can be seen in the company’s growth. Today, Campus Apartments is one of the nation’s leading purveyors of student housing both on- and off-campus. It has grown into a company that is now, with CEO David J. Adelman at the helm, one that controls $2 billion in assets; that makes it one of the largest privately held student housing providers in the United States. However, even as Campus Apartments has expanded over the decades, it has not lost sight of the importance of providing quality housing to students.

Campus Apartments provides housing to students across the nation, and it has essentially become synonymous with student housing. It owns and manages more than 140 properties in more than two dozen states. Whether students are attending university in Pennsylvania or Texas, it is quite likely that the company is the provider of their housing for at least part of their academic career.

Over the years, student housing has undergone a shift. Decades ago, it was more spartan and utilitarian; today, there is more focus on student comfort and even luxury. As the industry has undergone this shift, Campus Apartments has made this shift as well. Today’s student housing offerings from the company look quite a bit different than they did when the company was founded in 1958. What has not changed, though, is the company’s focus on providing needed housing to students–housing that is safe, relatively affordable, and designed specifically with the university student population in mind.


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