Cynthia Grossman Is Leading The Way For Better Patient Health And Opportunity


Cynthia Grossman currently works as a Director, Science of Patient Input at FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute. This organization is dedicated to saving lives and speeding up the growth of the medical system. Cynthia is focused on medical product development and discovery as well as associating with non-profit organizations and various other corporations to further develop patient centricity within the medical space.

Cynthia has been dedicated to her path since the beginning of her academic career. She graduated from the University of Vermont in 2004 with a focus on psychology and quickly enrolled at Brown University in Rhode Island to study behavioral and Social Sciences. After an internship and her postdoctoral training, Cynthia Grossman graduated and moved on to the National Institute of Mental Health as a program officer in DAR or the Division of AIDS Research.

Before making her way onto the FasterCures team, Cynthia Grossman became program chief overseeing HIV Care Engagement and Secondary Prevention at NIMH. At the same time, Cynthia worked with a collaborative of individuals that attempted to create an agenda for scientific behavioral and social research for HIV prevention as well as a cure. Leadership is a commanding quality for Cynthia, but so is creativity, which is why it is no surprise that she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and also earned a National Science Foundation Incentives for her National Research Services Award on Excellence Scholarship.

The Milken Institute and the FasterCures center are at the heart of what Cynthia strives for in the medical industry. There are more than 10 thousand known diseases around the world today. Not only is this number huge, but it is even more depressing to know that there are only cures for about five percent of these diseases. FasterCures is dedicated to speeding up the research and development process in the medical industry with the health of talented and dedicated individuals like Cynthia Grossman. Various governmental agencies and philanthropic figures have chipped in along the way for the FasterCures center of the Milken Institute and as such, they have always remained a non-profit organization.

One of the primary philosophies for FasterCures is that patients count. Rather than being a starting point for care, unmet patient needs are usually disregarded until after medical products have already gone into development, therefore they do not appropriately address the needs of patients or an adequate healthcare system for individuals. As one of the driving figures behind patient centricity, Cynthia Grossman is at the forefront of thought leadership at FasterCures where she provides insight and takes in feedback from many different medical sectors. Today, FasterCures is a regular provider of insight and analysis for many different keynote speeches, conferences, and journal articles throughout the medical sector.

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