Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld Claims The President Is A One-Man Crime Wave


Mr. Trump thought Bill Barr’s exoneration would make the Mueller investigation go away. But Barr’s futile attempt to protect the president from Mueller’s actual report did more harm than good. Congress knew Barr would sugarcoat the Mueller report to protect the president. But they didn’t know Barr would act like one of Trump’s lawyers instead of the country’s attorney general in front of the TV cameras.

Mr. Mueller’s report gave Congress the information they need to rain on Trump’s mobster parade. Trump acted like a mobster when he asked White House aides and Don McGahn, the former White House lawyer, to do things that could come back and legally haunt them. Trump told McGahn to fire Mueller. Don took notes about that meeting. He refused to follow Trump’s edict, and he resigned. Trump tried to bully other White House aides, and they also refused to do things that crossed legal lines.

Senator Mitt Romney told the press Trump’s behavior during the campaign sickened him. But South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham thinks Trump didn’t do anything wrong. Graham was a former Trump foe during the 2016 campaign, but now that Trump plays golf with Lindsey, he’s on the Trump bandwagon.

Ex-Governor Bill Weld is the only Republican who has enough guts to challenge the president in 2020. He knows beating Trump in the primary is a monumental task. Mr. Weld said Trump is a one-man crime wave even though Bob Mueller’s didn’t indict Trump. The DOJ rules say the president can do whatever he wants and get away with it. So Mueller gave Congress enough sleazy Trump information to take the next step.

Nancy Pelosi thinks impeaching Trump could hurt the Democrats in 2020. Pelosi wants to beat Trump in the upcoming election instead of impeaching the president. But now that the Mueller report shows Trump tried to obstruct justice more than 10 times after Jeff Sessions recused himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation, members of Congress want to chicken-fry Trump in front of the public.

Trump is on a damage control mission now that the public knows he did have contact with Russian operatives during the election and didn’t report those interactions to federal authorities. And now that the public knows Mr. Trump isn’t innocent of wrongdoing, he will step up his attacks on the Democrats as well as his other political enemies, according to the New York Times.


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