Gulf Stream Coach Offers A Full Range Of RV’s And Motor Homes Throughout North America


Gulf Stream Coach was founded through hard work, innovation, and quality design. Today, the company is family owned and operated out of Nappanee in Indiana. Jim Shea founded Gulf Stream Coach in 1971, and from the ground up, built the entire operation for himself and his sons that soon joined his business. In the beginning, the family was focused on the manufacturing of houses as part Fairmont Homes, which still stands as the parent company to Gulf Stream today.

Jim Shea’s company took on the Gulf Stream Coach name in 1983 when he added RV’s to the mix of manufactured housing, and his company started producing top of the line RV products, including fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, and travel trailers. The Foxfire travel trailer was the first of Gulf Stream’s productions, full of innovation that had not been seen in motor homes or travel trailers before that time. These innovative techniques are what made Gulf Stream Coach popular, and now they stand out as a top of the line provider of RV’s and travel vehicles.

When the 1990s rolled around and the firm was doing better than ever, Jim’s sons began to assume the daily operations of the company, while Jim was placed in the RV and MH Hall of Fame as recognition for his accomplishments and contributions to the RV and MH industries. Jim Shea’s hard work has turned Gulf Stream Coach into one of North America’s leading RV manufacturers, offering the full-line of recreational products. Gulf Stream Coach has since added rentals and luxury conversions to its list of services.

In its full glory, Gulf Coast Stream has produced more than 300 thousand vehicles since the beginning of its operation, covering more than 140 different models of recreational vehicles. Gulf Stream Coach has various offices spread out across the United States and Canada, throughout which they have more than 1500 qualified team members to conduct business and help customers.

At present, Gulf Stream Coach has become more than just an RV manufacturer from Indiana. The Shea family is a big supporter and friendly member of the community that can be regularly seen at any RV shows or events. The Shea family’s activity in the community helps them identify things that customers want to see in their products as well as gather feedback that can be constructive to future developments. Rather than focusing on satisfying investors or stockholders, Gulf Stream Coach has put its focus on the community, to make proud the families and actual owners of recreational vehicles.

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